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    Imperial Guard frendly 1000pt anti-horde list

    this is my list please give comments

    H.Q: 215pts
    company comand squad
    iron hand +95
    medi pack +30
    company standard +15
    flamer +5
    heavy flamer +20

    Troops: 342pts
    platoon comand
    medi pack +30
    boltgun +2
    50 guardsmen
    vox +5

    Troops: 342 pts
    platoon comand
    medi pack +30
    boltgun +2
    50 guardsmen
    vox +5

    Elites: 100pts
    Ratlings +70

    this is my list it totals at 999pts this is an anti horde list
    it is verry efective just charge at the enemy!!!!!!!!

    plz post comments

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    Drill Sergeant Lord Borak's Avatar
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    What Hoard are you considering going up against? Orks? Nids? Both of those will beat you at the game you're trying to play mate.

    Orks have the WAAAGH and Nids have fleet so you're going to be lucky to get the charge against either of those armies which makes Strakens Furious charge pretty pointless. Also, without commissars on your infantry squads they're going to leg it once combat starts happeneing.

    Strakens fun but he's alot of points in these sized games. Taking all that stuff on his squad makes it too expensive aswell. Keep things simple and just take 4 G-Launchers for template doom. Dont get Heavy Flamers as they're too expensive for what you're getting.

    1-You know you can't combine PCS with infantry squads right? This makes the Medic useless so ditch that too.
    2-Naked Guard squads wont do anything. If you want to fight hoards kill them at a distance. Strakens ability is nice but it's a back up incase they get close. Get some guns for hoard killing. G-Launchers and a Heavy Bolter would be cool. Autocannons give you the ability to hurt transports and big tyranid beasties.
    3-If you're combining squads together consider getting a commissar to stop the men legging it when things get a bit scary.
    4-Vox, You need one in the CCS or the PCS as well to get the re-roll by the way.

    Ditch these boys to get the points for guns for your platoon. Ratlings aren't great anyway.
    Last edited by Lord Borak; February 6th, 2010 at 07:53.

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