I looked at the companies (2nd,3rd,4th and 5th in the codex and though that'd be pretty cool to get even though I'll probably not specifically buy stuff for it.So the whole company is about 2700pts which is more than my usual games. So i reduced it down to 2k. I think the sheer mass of T4, 3+ armour (76 of them) that can all move 12" per turn is the good thing about this list. However, there is not much AT (power fist and melta, thats it) and I think this is what stops it being competitive (a more competitive form would be to lose the assault marines for landspeeeders, probs)

So, here it is:
Hq 285
Captain w/ relic blade + command squad w/ 4 meltaguns + razorback w/ TL assualt cannon

Troops 1170 (yes that is more than half, possibility of dropping one for devestators is fluffy but worse IMO)
Tactical squad w/ flamer, multi-melta, power fist + rhino
4X Tactical squad w/ meltagun, multi-melta, power fist + rhino

Fast Attack 470
2X 10 Assualt Marines w/ 2 flamers, power fist

And thats it. So its spammy, its the nearest thing to a horde besides scouts but will it win anything?