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    2.5k List, made in a hurry out of models i currently own

    Found out I had a game tomorrow and I haven't had chance to convert to mech yet, is this list okay? (minor tweaking is possible, new units probs not (although where to go from here could be useful)). The quicker, the better.

    Ortan Cassius

    Tactical squad, rhino, power fist, flamer, plasma cannon
    Tactical squad, razorback,power fist, meltagun, plasma cannon
    Tactical squad, drop pod, power fist, meltagun, plasma cannon
    Sniper scouts, camocloaks and missile launcher

    10 Sternguard,power fist, drop pod
    Dred, flamer and melta, drop pod
    5 Assualt Terminators, Landraider w/ extra armour and mm

    Fast Attack
    Bikes, plasma pistol, melta gun, plasma gun, attack bike w/ multimelta
    5 Assualt Marines 125

    Heavy Support
    4 Missile launcher devestators + serg

    PLaying against:
    Lord (orb, GoF, Cmetron, Phylactery, Dfield) 185
    6x 10 Warriors 1080
    10 Immortals 280
    2x 4 Destroyers 400
    2 Wraiths 82
    2 Tomb Spyders 110

    p.s. sorry about posting two lists consecutavely, didn't know about this game until after post.

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    i haven't tried this out myself, as i rarely play against necrons, but from what i've heard they really fail against terminators. Also, i don't see much point in having a flamer and a plasma cannon in the same squad. A flamer needs to be fairly close to the enemy, but that means you'll find yourself in CC pretty quickly, which you don't want for a heavy weapons squad.

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    81 (x2)

    They fail against mobile terminators. If you deep strike the rapid fire makes you sqad so small it just doesn't have enough attacks and same for footslogging. SO I've only got 5 to keep it cheap as they NEED the landraider (move 12" then disembark + charge =20" charge (can be combined with shrike for first turn charge 50% of the time).

    I played the list and I think it did quite well. We ended up playing 6 turns and drew on objectives. He won on kill points as I had a drop pod (contesting his objective), landraider, 3 marines and a scout left (holding my objective). He had about 30 warriors, 5 destroyers, lord and 10 immortals.

    My sternguard did a drop attack on nightbringer and killed him (310pts to kill 360pts, just worth it) but then got attacked by everything...
    Vindicator got one shot off and missed, then got stunned until wraiths killed it (i really need two of these). Dreadnought drew fire well but flamer doesn't do much to necron infantry (maybe one dead) and multi-melta misses so much. He took a wound off a tomb spyder in combat before dying.
    Tactical marines did average. Although I see what you mean about the plasma cannon. What heavy weapon would you suggest or would you leave it as a bolter for more mobility (or would you give them a plasmagun for stationary firing?
    Devestators were rubbish. Getting rid of these.
    Bikes managed to charge a unit so the lord's res orb only covered one of his squads. This was really helpful but again, a suicide move.
    5 assualt marines are rubbish, I need 10.
    Sniper scouts sat on objective and killed a few necrons.

    Overall, this list is quite suicidal with all the units rushing into the fray to kill things before they die. Against other armies the sternguard would be less death and glory but the speed gave me a lot of advantages skipped his rapid firing range or let the transport take the gauss.
    The problem was that his few combat units (wraiths, tomb spyders, lord) worked quite well as counter-attackers. Wraiths are the exception as they just killed the vindicator then died. Tomb spyders stayed in his phalanx and killed DS (until he moved them forward, then they died).

    So changes I'd make to the list are:
    Venerable dreadnought
    Turn the bike squad into 2 Landspeeder Typhoons
    Lose devestators
    Make assualt marine squad 10 men strong.
    Maybe a landraider crusader or redeemer as mine just rushed the termies in then did nothing (hence it still being alive). However against a mech list the lascannons might help more. Thoughts?

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