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    1500 anti-tervigon spam!

    So needless to say I had to play against a tervigon spam the other day (with nids , irony ain't it) well...I lost...by ALOT! All I did was kill his zoanathropes, a mawloc, and a termigaunt squad. Just too many bodies. So in order to keep the game close I'm thinking either guard or orks as the winner here, drawn up lists etc. His, don't know bio morphs is...

    2Xtervigon (FYI they're modeled low to ground so he gains cover from his termigaunts. Claiming because there's no GW model for it, ticks me off a bit but can't do much about it.)

    2X10 man termigaunt broods

    3 tervigons

    2X2 man zoanies in mycetic spores


    Now here's my Guard counter (think its competitive enough to do damage)

    Companny command
    4Xsniper rifles
    Camo cloaks
    Power fist on commander
    Astropath (+1 to my reserves guy)
    (meant to chill in terrain the whole game)

    3x veteran squads
    -3 melta guns

    Platoon command

    2X infantry squads

    Heavy weapons squad
    3 lascannons (one hit "wound" tervigons and mawlocs)

    3 vendettas (seperate, not one squad, vets go in em)

    Punisher (will force enough wounds/saves on tervigons to kill em. And my anti-termigaunt)
    -heavy bolter sponsons

    Vendetta (anti-horde/potential one hit wounds)
    -PC sponsons


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    You do know he can only take 1 Tervigon as Troops per Gaunt squad right? So he should have 3 Guant Squads if he's got 3 Tervigons in his Troops.

    To be honest i have played the new nids and he did have a Tervigon. however they're not that hard to take down. With Mass Autocannon and multilaser fire they didn't stay around long and with things like Flamer Vets in Chimeras and Hell Hounds kicking about those Guants didn't last long either.
    Apart from Spawning Gaunts they're not good for much else. They only have a couple of attacks and they're only str5 so against vehicles they're not so scary. Don;t be too afraid of them. Concentrate on the things that can hurt you and then work your way to these guys.

    I would,

    Mount up your CCS and give them a couple of Plasma Guns. They will be seriously handy against Mawlocs and other such nasties coming close to your lines. Jumping out and twin-linking your plasma shots is seriously hurty against Big Bugs. They can still Twinlink the Lascannon Squads for the First couple of Turns.

    Melta Vets are fine. I would however put these in Chimeras. Jumping out of Vendettas and getting 3 shots with Melta guns means they'll be dead next turn. at least with Chimeras you can shoot out the top and not get assaulted.

    Platoon is ok. I'd just grab some Autocannons to be honest to give you a hand taking down the Gaunts they Spawn. Plus the Mass high str shots will be handy against his Zoanthropes.
    Don;t bother with the Lascannon HWS. They're not great at the best of times and they're alot of points for doing a wound a turn on a big thing. Invest in something else. Maybe Chimeras for the Vets?

    Good. Vendettas aren't the best for transporting troops about as they are mainly designed to lurk at the edge of the board and snipe things from a distance.

    You can loose some serious points here.

    Punisher just isn't great against, well, anything really. Even Gaunts are getting a save from him. I'd grab an Exterminator and leave it as that. It will save you no end of points too.

    Executioiner (you meant him right?) He's good but expensive. Plus sitting still means you are one tempting target for the Mawloc to Attack when he pops up. Keep moving and shooting so loose the Sponsons

    All those points you saved will give you enough points for maybe a hydra or a Griffon. Hydras are brilliant for putting wounds on MCs and Griffons are great for taking out swarms of Guants.

    If you care to take a look this is my game against the new Nids and his list was alot scarier than the list your mate is using. http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...ml#post1629014 (Guard Vs New Tyranids - 1500pts.)
    Last edited by Lord Borak; February 7th, 2010 at 09:45.

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    His list is illegal unless you're missing a termigant squad on there. Also, getting a cover save for a MC from some troops is BS. I would have called him out on it.

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