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    First IG List [1500 point]

    This is my first gaurd list and to be honest have no idea what im doing but think i've come up with an alright list.
    Im kinda looking for a troop heavy list with lots of shooting, that can win games under most circumstances and be sorta fluffy as well...

    CCS- Medipak, Vox, Autocannon, - 95 points

    Platoon 1:
    PCS-Medipak, Autocannon - 70
    20 man infantry squad-2x Autocannon, Commisar - 155

    Platoon 2:
    Same as above - 225

    2x Veteran squads - 3x Meltaguns in each ,2x chimera transport - 465

    Heavy Support
    3x Demolisher - 495

    So that comes to 1505 points but i can easly get rid of the extra 5...

    Anyway please let me know what you think, i reckon its alright with lots of fire support and the Vets that can move around and do what needs to be done...i was also thinking drop a Demolisher and add another Vet Squad if need be...

    Thanks heaps if you could help me out...

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    A few points I wanna make:
    1) I don't get the point of the medics, the cover afforded by your infantry squads is better than a FNP that you may or may not get. I'd drop them and maybe throw camo on your CCS to add to that benefit
    2) You need a couple more Infantry platoon squads to act as a tarpit for assaulters. As it stands if something assaults one of your combined squads your long range anti- tank power is almost halved and will likely lead to your gunline getting in deep crap.
    3) Three demo's seem like over kill.
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