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    Crimson Fists Army for fun

    Well this is my 1000 point army for my crimson fists which i am planning to just play friendly games against my friends these are the only models i have for space marines at the moment but please tell me what needs improving and if i would need to buy some other units to make this list better


    Pedro Kantor

    3 Honor Guard
    3 Relic Blades

    Assault Cannon

    5 Terminators
    Chain-fist, Assault Cannon

    10 Space Marines
    Plasma Gun , Power-Fist, Stormbolter

    5 scouts
    4 Sniper Rifles, 1 Missile Launcher
    5 Camo Cloaks

    And that is all about i can afford im looking to buy some new units so any advice on what i should purchase would be greatly appreciated

    Skulls For The Skull Throne !

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    You can never go wrong with more troops. So first off I'd buy another tactical squad.
    Then we need a way for you troops to get around (as space marines have an effective range of 12"), so some rhinos or razorbacks would be good. (the honour guard also need a transportation system
    More specifically the list is lacking in AT, if you want to go fast, then the best things for this are attack bikes with multimeltas or landspeeders (check the landspeeder tactica on the best ways to equip and use them).

    You then need to choose whether you want a fast force (bikes, attack bikes, etc.); a combat orientated force (terminators, assualt terminators, landraiders) or a mech force (everyone in rhinos, look at your heavy support options). You can do a hybrid of these three for the best results. Note that the best lists are all fast and mobile; a gunline is less popular in 5th ed although can be good for fun games as long as your mates don't play too good a force.

    Tactical squads should make use of the special and heavy weapons as they're cheap, always give them these. Also a powerfist sergeant is great for when you get charged by T8+ or want to have a go at a vechile.

    Honour guard are a bit expensive for what they do and die to Ap2, the unit with relic blades is 160pts, which can buy you some much better stuff.

    Finally your running crimson fists so you have to get sternguard, whether in a rhino, drop pod ir razorback. They are debatebly the most effective unit in the codex and definetely the most adaptable. There special ammuntion allows for all situations and add combi-meltas and they can kill tanks with ease. Also with Kantor they are scoring which is icing on the cake.
    Consider these things and you'll have a good army that probably won't be accused of cheese and will still win a lot of games.

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    Your army list is extremely top heavy right now. You have too many big impressive units that will never see combat because they are forced to walk everywhere before they can hit things with their sword/fist.

    Alongside this your body count for a standing army is low. You only have 23 infantry and one vehicle. Yes 8 of your soldiers have 2+ saves, but there are plenty of forces capable of dealing with that at 1k.

    I would suggest dropping the Honor Guard for another Tactical squad. You need more ground-pounders if you want to run an infantry based list. For friendly play your unit composition is fine, if a bit lacking in range. Popping a Missile Launcher on your tac squads will run you a whole nothing and add an immense amount of support fire to your army.

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