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    Observation: Space Wolves are the undisputed "1k Point Kings"

    I've been playing around with various 1,000 point lists with my SW friend.. And we've come to the conclusion that they can pull some sick stunts at low points! Of all the lists we've designed, I felt compelled to post the last one I made.. It brings a whole new quality of cheese to the table top, though, like all lists it's not unbeatable.. but I seriously doubt many 1k lists would be equipped to handle this. So without further adieu...

    HQ ([ 7 0 ])
    Wolf Guard Battle Leader [ 70 ]

    Elites ([ 3 2 4 ])
    Wolf Guard Pack [ 324 ]
    +3x Wolf Guard
    ..+1x Meltagun, Meltabombs
    ..+2x Wolf Guard Pack Leader
    ....+Meltagun, Power Weapon
    +Land Raider

    Troops ([ 2 4 0 ])
    Grey Hunter Pack [ 120 ] x2
    +5x Grey Hunters

    Heavy Support ([ 3 4 5 ])
    Vindicator [ 115 ] x3

    Total Points: 999

    I don't care who you are... 3 Vindies and a Land Raider is scary in any point battle.. but in 1,000 points? Dayamn! It's short on infantry, but with the potential for three S10 blasts per turn, I have a feeling the opponent will be too.

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    You'd rock killpoint games. The problem is that with 2 small troop choices, you're left vulnerable to being dismounted and unable to capture anything.

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