I'm just starting space wolves, haven't played a game yet. This is the army I'm planning on starting with:

Rune Priest ( A )
-chooser of the slain
-JotWW / living lightning

Rune Priest ( B )
-JotWW / murderous hurricane

Grey Hunters ( 10 )
-meltagun / plasmagun
-power weapon
-wolf standard

Grey Hunters ( 8 )

Grey Hunters ( 8 )

Wolf Guard ( 3 )
-2x powerfist / stormbolter
-1x powerfist / bolter

Land Raider Redeemer
-extra armor


Long Fangs ( 6 )
-3x missile launcher
-2x lascannon
-RAZORBACK w/ TL lascannon

1500 points

-Rune Priests + Wolfguard w/ storm bolters join the 8 man Grey Hunter squads in Rhinos
-Wolfguard w/ bolter joins 10 man Grey Hunters in Redeemer
-Shoot the Rune Priests or meltaguns from the Rhinos til it's time to unload
-murderous hurricane to stall advancing troops for extra firing
-living lightning rhino is defensive, covers Long Fangs
-aggressive with the Redeemer to cover the Rhinos; extra armor+ machine spirit lets it always move 12" and flame
-after deploying Long Fangs, Razorback gives them cover / a cover save until destroyed

Suggestions / comments welcome and appreciated