Hi guys, after playing the occasional game with some local pals I've decided to up the ante and enter into an upcoming tournament next week. I'm posting the army I'm going to use which I have to admit is more based on what I could paint in time rather than 100% tactical strategy. Having said this, I welcome any comments you may have!

HQ (1)
Master of the forge
Conversion beamer
Power Sword
4 x Servitors
2 x heavy bolters

Troops (3)
10 x tactical squad
Melta Gun
Missile Launcher
Power Weapon
Drop Pod

10 x Scout Squad
10 x Combat Blades
Power Weapon
Melta Bombs (Stg)

9 x Scout Squad
9 x Camo Cloaks
7 x Snipers
1 x Heavy Bolter
Sergeant Telion

Elite (1)
Venerable Dreadnought
Heavy Flamer
Assault Canon
Drop Pod
Extra Armor

Heavy Support (2)
Lascannon Sponsons
Brother-sergeant Chronus

Land Raider Crusader

So generally speaking, I will start my c/c scouts in the crusader which will charge towards an objective or any vulnerable c/c targets. My Snipers, Predator and master of the forge will defend any local objectives. I'll ambush/scramble/delay my opponent with either the dread or tactical squad using drop pods. Fairly straight forward and I'll be sure to give an update on how it goes.