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    1750 First attempt at a list.... Friendly/Competitive

    Ok.. so here goes my first attempt at a 40K list. I've been building up an army for a while now (haven't gotten to play because I'm in Iraq ATM)... and paid a lot of attention to the forums and what-not. I'm not necessarily looking for a cookie-cutter chi-melta vet army, but all suggestions would be welcome. I'll be playing against mainly hoard armies ('Nids and other IG) with maybe a game or two vs Chaos. Probably annihilation and capture and hold games. I'm pretty sure everything's legal. Anyway... here it goes [1750]:

    HQ (225..ouch)

    - Creed (I know he's a point-sink.. but I am hoping to use his outflanking-granting ability more than his 4x orders)
    - 4x Melta
    - Astropath
    - Chimera ML/HF

    ELITES (65)

    - Marbo (I'd really like to keep him in there if possible....)

    TROOPS (475)

    - 1x PCS w/ 4x Flamer
    - 2x Squad w/ A/C, G/L

    - 1x PCS w/ 4x Flamer
    - 2x Squad w/ A/C, G/L

    - 1x Vets w/ 3x Melta
    - Chimera ML/HF

    FAST ATTACK (330.)

    - 2x Vendetta
    - 3x Scout Sentinel (Squad) w/ 3x A/C


    - 1x Colossus w/ HF
    - 1x Demolisher w/ HF
    - 2x Erradicator w/ HF (Squadron... I know.. I know...) (Plan to outflank these w/ Creeds ability)

    My outflanking here might be overkill.. but I figured it would be fun. That's 2x Vendettas, 3x Sentinels, and 2x Erradicators Outflanking (and Marbo).... plan to use the "Vendetta Sweep Plus"... bringing them in with help from Astropath. If I added correctly, I have 10 pts to spend on something. If the Erradicators are overkill.... I could swap them out for something else... I had kinda hoped to stick with this theme though.. using Creed ability to help the Vendetta Sweep. Maybe lacking in "bodies"? I figured Creed Meltas + Demolisher + troops could be the "anvil"... outflanking force = hammer. I think I have anti-armor covered with Demolisher/Valk/Meltas... anti-horde with flamers/Autocannon spam and I am denying all kinds of cover saves w/ Collossus + Erradicators. May have issues taking objectives. I appreciate any advice/corrections.

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    you've got a nice list going...creed, marbo, and the erradicators are the point sinks but you're aware of that which is good...this is the kinda list were it is players choice and it looks good the way you have it...you have all bases covered so no complaints from me...good stuff

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    It's not a bad list, but here's some competitive advice.

    One, if you're going to put your PCS squads on the line, give them AC/2 x GL. Personally I'd mount them in Chimeras with 4 Meltas and send them forward with the Vets.

    Two, each platoon blob needs a Commissar.

    Three, I'd put some troops in the Vendettas. Special Weapons Squads with 2 x Flamer and a Demo Charge would be very cheap and work well.

    And Fourth, outflanking with Creed can be fun. But I think the points can be better spent elsewhere. Since he's going to hang back a bit more than the rest of the Chimeras, I'd give his squad plasma guns (no medic!). That way he can smack around deep strikers and monsterous creatures that wander back there.

    Good luck!
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