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    1000 pts foot-slogging vets

    I am really having trouble trying to decided on the last 120 points or so...I am not sure what to purchase. I think I need more anti-tank, but I am not very experienced, so Krak Grenades might be enough. I dont really know, so please help. Thanks in advance.

    Company Comand Squad - Boltgun, Standard, Vox, Sniper, Camo Cloaks, Krak grenades, Melta Bombs 167 pts

    Veterans - Bolt Pistol, Vox, 2 Flamers, Heavy Flamer, Foward Sentries 137 pts

    Veterans - Bolt Pistol, Vox, 2 Flamers, Heavy Flamer, Foward Sentries 137 pts

    Veterans - Bolt Pistol, Vox, Heavy Bolter, 3 Snipers, Foward Sentries 132 pts

    Leman Russ Executioner - Plasma Cannon Sponsons, Camo Cloak 250 pts

    Total - 823 pts

    As you can see, I still have 177 points left over, and I have no idea what to add in. Everything above is already built, so if possible, instead of changing it too much, finsih it off with something to complement what I already have. Thank you.

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    I'm guessing you're fairly new to the guard? First of all, welcome. Now then, lets have a look at this list.

    In general, you're taking a bit of a risk with this list. As you're going for veterans, you have a relatively small amount of men. You will suffer to enemy gunfire with this list, your men have little protetion. Large, infantry armies can absorb gunfire, but veteran armies cannot. So you really need some chimeras. That's what I would buy.


    The vox system is a little pricy for a list of this size. I would drop it, and save the points. Sniper rifles suck. I don't say that often about a weapon, but they really do. A grenade launcehr is exactly the same cost, and will achieve a lot more. You most definietly don't need krak grenades and melta bombs. Thats just overkill, and isn't the ideal situation anyway. You might want something like this.

    Company Command squad: Standard, camo cloaks, boltgun? + either 3 plasma guns, or 3 grenade launchers, or 1 autocannon +1 grenade launcher or plasma gun, or 1 lascannon +1 plasma gun or grenade launcher.

    Heavy weapons give you the anti tank you need, and make good use of the squads higher BS. It is a thing to value, so use it.


    Same here really. Drop the voxs as they aren't needed. Do not use sniper rifles. The flamer vets desperately need chimeras, in which case they won't need forward sentries. I would also take a 'chimelta' squad. This is probably the best unit in the guard codex. It is simply veterans in a chimera with 3 meltaguns. I would replace one flamer squad with this unit.

    In addition, autocannons are a better choice than heavy bolters.

    Heavy Support

    A little pricy for a game of this size, but use it if you must. However, camo netting is unnecessary.
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