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    ultramarine 1850 first army list

    scout squad and Telion all with sniper rifles and a missile launcher for team
    total cost of scout team
    land speeder storm

    tactical Squad
    land raider
    ten tactical squad marines
    plasma gun
    plasma pistol
    melta bombs

    land raider
    calgar with armor
    honour guard squad x 10
    with auxiliary grenade launchers on all honour guards and one chapter banner
    total for this squad

    grand total for army

    not sure what tactics to use for this team but this is how i think it would happen
    the scouts would provide cover fire/anti personal fire from the speeder
    and i could use the scouts as last minute check point stealing

    the tactical squad would be used to take out tanks or any small armor threat from a secure location
    the land raiders would take out the heavy targets

    calgars squad would wait till all heavy armor targets are taken care of then spring forward to claim the rest of the field.

    humm if you have any suggestions for tactics let me know i am new to the game so try to dumb it down for me.
    one last question dose calgar have duel power fist and a power sword

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    Telion IMO is not worth the points he is cool idea but just no good.

    Scouts I find to be very useful just not as snipers.

    The storm is fine although I prefer a flamer for it.

    Your tactical marines don't need the plasma pistol and really I don't think plasma guns are worth it any more.

    You have way to many points in HQ, calgar and sicarius in the same list is just silly as neither are really that impressive of a character and both of them at anything less then like 3k or more points is just impractical and unfluffy.

    Honor guard are IMO one of the worst units in the codex if not the worst as they are just really bad terminators.

    Lastly, yes calgar does have a pair of power fist and a power sword.
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