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    imperial guard 2k mixed

    hi guys

    i want your opinions on this list as i am a bit unsure on what to add next... the first half is the army i have already got and what i know works well(in my experience).


    company command squad- commander- power weapon
    vetrans- voxcaster, medipack, regimental standard, meltagun


    10 storm troopers- plasma gun, meltagun


    1st platoon

    command squad-vox, commander-powerfist

    10 guardsmen- vox, grenade launcher
    10 guardsmen- vox, grenade launcher
    10 guardsmen- vox, flamer
    heavy weapons squad- 3x heavy bolters

    2nd platoon

    command squad- vox, commander- boltpistol

    10 guardsmen- vox, grenade launcher
    10 guardsmen- vox, grenade launcher
    10 guardsmen- vox, flamer
    heavy weapons squad-3x lascannons
    heavy weapons squad-3x autocannons

    fast attack

    valkyrie- heavy bolter sponsons

    heavy support

    1x leman russ- lascannon, heavy bolters
    1x leman russ- lascannon, heavy bolters

    total 1497

    now this is what i might add...

    1x leman russ demolisher- lascannon, heavy bolters

    10 vetrans-2x plasma guns, chimera
    10 vetrans- 2x melta guns, chimera

    total 500

    overall total 1997

    any other suggestions? i have seen an army similar to this work rather well but i am open to any comments!

    thanks in advance

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    Okay just a few quick comments:

    - Don't mix special weapons (Melta/Plasma for example)
    - You should be maxing weapon allowances in every squad. For example, your Platoon Command Squads are bare, which is a waste of points. At the very least jam in 4 flamers of grenade launchers. Cheap and effective.
    - Don't bother upgrading commanders
    - Vox networks are rarely worth it
    - All Infantry Squads should have heavy weapon teams in, as this is our cheapest source of Heavy Weapons
    - Most people prefer Heavy Flamers on the hulls of their vehicles to counter any assaulting horde armies

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