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    850pts Vostroyan XIX. First building goal!

    Hello again everyone ^^

    I've been working a little bit on my Vossies recently and will soon have mt first game against my mate. We've ecided to have our first game at 850pts, and i've created a list to it in with that pts level, using th eunits I have at my disposal right now. It's not the most competitive list, but, neither is my friends. It will slowly be worked into a lot more competitive force, capable of much greater things ^^

    But, as it stand right now:

    HQ 145
    Company Command 145
    4 Meltaguns
    Chimera with Multi-laser
    and hull Heavy flamer

    Elites 65
    Nastassia (Marbo) 65

    Troops 270
    Veteran Squad 155
    3 Meltaguns
    Chimera with Multi-laser
    and hull Heavy flamer

    Veteran Squad 115
    3 Flamers

    Fast Attack 130
    Vendetta 130

    Heavy Support 250
    Leman Russ Demolisher 165
    Hull Heavy flamer

    Hydra Flak Tank 75
    Hull Heavy flamer

    Total: 850

    Now, what I really feel like i'm lackiing is Plasma guns to take care of MC's (namely in this case, my friends DP).
    My friend is playing Death Guard, so stuff that IK's are always nice to. His army will most probably consist of two Rhinos, a DP, a Obliterator, a Defiler and some summoned Daemons. Really, not that threatening. My Vendetta should take care of the Defiler quite quickly while the Hydra and Chimeras should handle the Rhinos together with the Demolisher. As soon as I have the chance, the Vendetta will concentrate on the DP instead, and together with a wisely planned Melta-rush, I shoul be able to take him out.

    So, any oppinions on this here list?

    Cheers ^^

    -"Oh God, this is going to take a while..."

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    To be honest your List is pretty nasty for 850pts. Personally i'd drop the Vendetta for a Chimera and another Hydra but thats just me. (i don't like Vendettas)

    Other than that your list is pretty much as ship shap as it gets.

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