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    CSM? any tactical advice? 2000 pt

    So my friend is coming over to play my DH and i want to give him a good game- by that i mean i want to win! So here is my army list: (he runs no daemons except a daemon prince, which isnt a daemon, and is very mechanized!)

    Grand Master + four terminators + psychic hood ( one terminator has TH/SS )

    Bother Captain + four terminators ( one terminator has TH/SS )

    9 PAGK + targeter
    9 PAGK + targeter
    9 PAGK + targeter

    Landraider + extra armour + smoke launchers
    Landraider + extra armour + smoke launchers
    Dreadnought + TLLC + extra amour + smoke lauchers

    comes out to be 2001 points- terminators go in the landraider. Ok this build is not unique i know what do you guys think about it. there isnt a comprehensive fifth edition tatica of DH so i suppose this is as good as it gets for me on feed back. Thanks for the help i could take out the targeters and give the GM and BC a close combat weapon. I dont know though if it is worth it.

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    It's perfect IMHO, assuming you're wanting to stick to pure GK, which is fine. The extra CCW wouldn't change the number of attacks on the GM and BC, otherwise it would definitely be worth it. If you do drop things, I would spend it on a missile launcher for your dread.

    You've got all bases covered. Anti-tank - THs, LRs, Dread. Anti-MEQ - lots of power weapons, NFWs, stormbolters. Mobility - LR transports.

    Good list mate. Let us know in this thread how you go.

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