Here's my Space Wolf list, The Howlers

Wolf Priest
-Runic Armor, Jump Pack

5 Grey Hunters
-Plasma gun, Mark of the Wulfen
-Wolf Guard w/Power Fist

9 Blood Claws
-Flamer, Power Weapon
-Wolf Guard w/Frost Axe

10 Grey Hunters
-2 Plasma guns, Mark of the Wulfen
-Wolf Guard w/Wolf Claw

5 Skyclaws
-Power Fist, Flamer

Predator Annihilator (All Lascannon configuration)

The Wolf Priest will obviously join the Skyclaws I'm also planning to use the Blood- and Skyclaws as the main offensive half, while the Razorback unit charges at an objective and will hold it. The footslogging Grey Hunters will keep the homebase safe with the Predator.

This is by no means a list I made to crush all other weaklings (my friends), but a list that had something in each of the FO-slots and a list with which I'd have lots of fun playing against my friends ! I also think it's nice and solid with 3 Troop choices

All comments and criticism are welcome,

Thanks !