HQpace Marine Chapter Master with combi plasma and power sword, artificier armour and hellfire rounds = 160ptsSpace Marine Librarian = 100ptsTroops:Tactical Squad with plasma gun and missle launcher (10 man) = 180ptsTactical Squad with flamer, missle launcher and sergeant with plasma pistol and chainsword = 185ptsScout Squad with snipers, camo cloaks and missle launcher = 100ptsElites:5 Terminators with Cyclone Missle Launcher = 230 pts5 Terminators = 200ptsDreadnought with multi melta, close combat weapon and storm bolter = 105ptsFast Attack:Land speeder Typhoon with assualt cannon = 90ptsAssualt Marines with sergeant with plasma pistol and power fist, = 140ptsHeavy Support:Land Raider with Hunter Killer Mislle and a Storm Bolter = 270ptsTotal points: 1750 pts