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Thread: 1850 Adepticon

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    1850 Adepticon

    I'm taking this list to Adepticon.

    I know that Sisters aren't exactly a tier 1 army, but they're what I'm brining and I want to win.

    Here's what I have so far:


    Canoness, Cloak, Jump Pack, Book, Mantle, Eviscerator, Inferno Pistol - 150
    Canoness, Cloak, Book, Eviscerator, Inferno Pistol - 110


    Imperial Guard Infantry Platoon - 425
    Command Squad, Autocannon, Chimera - 95
    Infantry Squad, Autocannon, Chimera - 115
    Infantry Squad, Autocannon, Comissar - 95
    Infantry Squad, Autocannon - 60
    Infantry Squad, Autocannon - 60

    10x Sisters of Battle, VSS, Meltagun x2, Book, Rhino, Smoke, Searchlight, Extra Armor - 208
    10x Sisters of Battle, VSS, Meltagun x2, Book, Rhino, Smoke, Searchlight, Extra Armor - 208

    Fast Attack:

    7x Seraphim, VSS, Eviscerator, Brazier, Book, 2x Hand Flamers - 222
    9x Dominions, VSS, Brazier, Eviscerator, 4x Flamer, Rhino, Smoke, Searchlight, Extra Armor - 243

    Heavy Support:

    Faith Points: 8
    Kill Points (with 30 man Guard Squad) - 16 (ouch)

    Total Points: 1836

    I've got 14 points to spend...

    What would you add/change/do different?

    The plan is to have the guard stay home and unload autocannon on light transports and big nasties, while the more mobile sisters elements act as a team eliminating the enemy up close.


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    You should drop the guard allies and the seraphim take another exorcist and add more battle sister sqds in rhinos with flamer ,heavy flamer, bolter flamer load out with an eviserator if you have the points left over, drop the jumpack on your cannoness and put both of them in the rhinos with the battle sister sqds. On your dominion sqd I would exchange the brazier for a bolter flamer.

    What this lists needs is more rhinos with battle sisters in them with the anti inf load out. Right now you only have 3 rhinos, and they will probably get popped pretty fast and when your on foot it makes it very hard to contend with armies like sm because you have to go 2 to 1 on their sqds in order to win battles and in order for that to happen it has to be on your terms. Without the rhinos they won't be able to do that and will probably get crushed pretty fast. Seraphim are a gd unit but you really need more rhinos with battles sisters more. Another thing is deleting the guard sqds will help you get rid of some of the easier killpoints for your enemy to get in your army.

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