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    1,000 space marine and guard doubles army

    Company Command Squad
    60 pts.

    Platoon command squad
    2 grenade launchers
    Power fist
    65 pts.

    Infantry squad 1
    Grenade launcher
    90 pts.

    Infantry squad 2
    Grenade launchers
    55 pts.

    Infantry squad 3
    Grenade launchers
    55 pts.

    Special weapons squad
    3 flamers
    50 pts.

    Veteran Squad
    2 melta guns
    Camo cloaks
    130 pts.

    XXX pts.

    Tactical Squad, ML + melta gun, Power sword Rhino
    240 pts.

    Combat Squad, flamer Razorback
    135 pts.


    The plan
    the guard half of the army is to hold points and provide a distraction and be general cannon fodder. The Space Marine elements of the army are going to mass on one flank of the battlefield and launch a powerful armoured thrust at the enemy objectives which guard units can then advance to capture. Any problems?

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