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    2000 Ultramarine - Tourney Potential List 2

    Below is the second of the two lists that I'm posting, there are variations but around a central core.
    HQ : Librarian 185 – Epistolary (Gate and Smite), Terminator Armour, Combi Plasma
    HQ : Chaplain 115 – Jump pack

    Troop : Tactical 1 200 – Sarg P/Fist, Melta Gun, M/Launcher
    Troop : Tactical 2 205 – Sarg B/Pistol+C/Sword, Flamer, M/Launcher, Rhino Transport
    Troop : Scout 165 – Telion, Teleport Homer, 3 sniper, H/Bolter – all camo cloaked

    Fast : Assault 245 - Sarg T/Hammer S/Shield, 8 Standard, 1 Flamer
    Elite : Terminator 235 - A/Cannon C/Fist
    Elite : Dreadnought 115 - C/Combat+S/Bolter A/Cannon
    Elite : Ironclad 170 - S/Hammer+Melta C/Combat+S/Bolter, Drop Pod

    H/Support : Land Raider 250
    H/Support : Vindicator 115

    Librarian attached to Terminators will deploy by DS using the Scout’s homer, having gate will allow me to move the Terminators wherever they are needed, making them a great flying response unit.
    Either Tactical Squad can split into Combat Squads I deploy so that will give me some flexibility depending on the mission or enemy.
    The Chaplain will DS with the Assault Marines to make a large fast moving fearless close combat squad.

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    DS is quite unreliable and so I tend to avoid, although it is viable for assualt marines.

    I would lose the librarian as the terminators can use the landraider to get around (as they should). I would then get a rhino/razorback for your Tactical 1 squad for more mobility. If possible use any spare points to upgrade the scout squad to a third squad with the same setup as T1 w/ a transport.
    I would then lose the dreadnought and get another vindicator to give them both more survivability. I would lose the TH on the ass. marine sarg and get a powerfist. If you have points add a second flamer to that squad as well.
    If you can find the points then add a heavy flamer to the ironclad.
    If you still have 10pts then get a multi-melta for the landraider.

    Hope this helps and if you disagree/am unsure about why I suggest these changes then please ask (it would help greatly if you were specific but it doesn't really matter).

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