I've been thinking about adding to my battle for Mcragge starter box marines and I love the fluff behind Dark Angels. I plan to buy the Raven Wing battle box but wanted to try out a game before jumping into a new 40k army, the list isin't legal but my opponent for the game tomorow is okay with that because I just want to see if i like playing with the models before I buy them I made up a list (using the Dark Angels dex') and plan to proxy most of the models, i have a few questions on the list. All help is appreciated!
5 Terminators Powerfist/stormbolter1 Heavy Flamer220

Troops 370Ravenwing Attack Squadron
2 Plasmagun bikes
1 twin-linked bolter bike
Attack Bike
Twinl-linked bolter
Mutli-melta or heavy bolter
Ravenwing Attack Squadron
2 Flamer
Any comments at all will be very appreciated the game is tommorow evening!