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    1500 point BA - DC + Stormraven

    This is a little DC list I cooked up last night after getting a long enough look at the codex. Astorath is more suited to larger games, but I normally play 1500 and he seems a real bargain compared to the other SCs.

    Astorath - 220 points

    1x Sanguinary Priests w/ jump pack - 75 points

    10-man Assault Squad - 235 points
    2x meltagun, 1x power fist

    10-man Assault Squad - 235 points
    2x meltagun, 1x power fist

    8-man Death Company - 215 points
    2x power weapon, 1x power fist

    2x Baal Predator w/ HB sponsons and TLAC or flamestorm cannon - 145 points

    Heavy Support - 230 points

    Stormraven Gunship w/ hurricane bolters and TL multi-melta - 230 points

    Total: 1500 points

    Death Company without packs are ridiculously effective for their points, and even more so with Astorath in the unit. The Stormraven is there because it's the only thing you can use to transport Astorath. The general plan here is that Astorath, the DC and the Stormraven deep strike if I lose the first turn or if the enemy is packing a lot of AT; the Baals are primarily there to draw fire from the Stormraven, or failing that, to mess up infantry and light tanks while the enemy focuses on the plane. The assault squads preferably DS, but if it's not necessary they may just footslog it. Whatever squad doesn't get FC (it's 50/50 with Astorath) gets the priest.

    Everything in the list can deep strike or outflank, allowing me flexibility against drop pod lists and allowing me to hide my valuable, valuable vehicles in reserve and away from enemy anti-tank. Not as many scoring units as I'd like, but they're solid choices and the enemy has higher priority targets. This isn't my ideal list, but I want to play around with the Stormraven. It seems you either take Astorath in a Stormraven or not at all; jump pack DC are far too expensive to footslog and Astorath cannot board any other transport, so no LR or Rhinos.

    Any comments? It occurs to me that at this points level a Dreadnought might be a better investment, but it would mean losing a Predator, something I'm loath to do since it would leave the Stormraven terribly lonely and vulnerable.

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    The list is fine, the flexibility will make up for not having Dreadnought. I would maybe drop astorath for lemartes and flesh out the death compan with three more guys and a power weapon.

    {EDIT} Whoops, just realized you need an HQ. I just realized draw back of BA, no cheap HQ unit, everyone is 100+ points.

    keep what you have.
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    Aye the list looks good. You've got hoard killing with the Baals and combat and tank killing with the Assault squads so you've got all bases pretty much covered. Anything posing a problem (like falcons) you can splat with the Storm Raven.

    I like it but i'd probably take a reclusiarch instead of Astorath to save some points. He's not as nasty but it'd give you the points for another Sang Priest (FNP!!) and still makes the DC nasty. Astorath does have his bonus's which we're both aware of Just my preference.

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