Hi guys. With my previous army turning very quickly into a bikes and Typhoon list i've been left with various models that i feel are wasted if i can't come up with a lsit to use them. I've got two storms, 2 5-man CCW scout squads, redeemer 10 assault terminators, cassius, librarian, terminator librariun, terminator chaplain, MM Dread, varoius tactical marines and a razorback. The list i'm thinking about @ 1750 is


5 TH+SS Termies
Redeemer MM

4 Sniper scouts w Camo Cloaks

2 x
H Flamer

2 x
Tac Squad

2 Typhoons
Thuinderfire cannon

As always C&C are more than welcome. Looking at mainly friendly games against all armies and i would imagine imparticular BA as everyone scurries to build a list with new toys.

I also have 5 Std Termies assault cannon and enough, bikes, typhoons and vindicators to keep anyone happy. Would rather try a disitinct list from my previous one. I would say the storms and redeemer are a must as it's little bit expensive to just not use them.

Thanks in advance.