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    2000pts, best list I can write...

    I looked at my space marine folder recently, and realised, whilst I have a fair few "experimental lists" (themed lists), I didn't actually have a list that I would use in tournaments.
    I therefore set out to create the best (mech) list I could, without spamming or using special characters (yes I know I can add vulkan and make almost broken lists, but I don't play salamanders!).

    Anyway, for all to see:


    10 Tactical Marines w/ meltagun, plasma cannon, power fist
    10 Tactical Marines w/ meltagun, plasma cannon, power fist
    10 Tactical Marines w/ meltagun, plasma cannon, power fist

    Dreadnought w/ 2 TL autocannons
    Dreadnought w/ 2 TL autocannons
    5 Sternguard w/ 3 combi-meltas, combi-flamer, heavy flamer

    Fast Attack
    2 Landspeeders w/ typhoon missile launchers
    2 Attack Bikes w/ multimeltas
    2 Attack Bikes w/ multimeltas

    Heavy Support

    Librarian goes whichever razorback squad suits the battle. He is chosen because I have to take a hq and he is the best at the cheapest points possible. Powers will probably be null zone and force dome (although I'm considering gate or avenger over dome)
    At least ten marines (combat squadded) from the razorback squads stay behind to hold home objective, if I'm playing a long-ranged shooting army then maybe 5 more.
    Dreadnoughts and Landspeeders poop transports ready.
    Attack Bikes kill the biggest tanks possible, and then probably get ahnihalated.
    Vindicators kills all now footslogging units and are back up against big tanks.
    Sternguard support tactical marines (see my post in Topic of the Week: sternguard, for more details.

    The theory is to have a back-up for everything possible, and therefore I don't have to rely on one squad to survive. i have done this with a mix of redundancy (copy and paste) but tried to add variety as well. A quick summary is:

    Anti-pysker: Librarian, no back-up needed/wanted as he is so expensive and only a few races rely on pyskers.
    Objectives: 10 marines in rhino, 5 marines in razorback, 5 marines in razorback
    Back up objectives: Sternguard (as they're more killy the opponent has to choose between them and my scoring units)
    Anti-Transport/more shots: Landspeeders, dreadnoughts
    Anti Big Scary things (specifically tanks): Attack Bikes
    Anti-Everything (well they are): Vindicators.


    (sorry for lots of text, but this'll actually be my list and so I want maximum helpful comments about it. Also it'll hopefully help new players understand some of the decisions I make when writing a list).

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    Not a bad list overall you have put as lot of thought into this I can tell as you seem to have most of the bases covered. I would think about what options you want to give to your razorbacks as one or two twin-linked las-cannons would go a long way.

    Basically life sucks, there is only war and you're probably gonna get eaten by Tyranids, have fun.


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