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    1500pts friendly

    Hy, ive been a long time Eldar player, and with 5th edition i figured i might try an go SM, just to try diffent game style.

    This is my 1st SM list, so every comment apreciated.

    here how it goes:

    Captain w/ jump pack, articifier armor, relic blade
    command squad w/champ, banner, power weapons, melta gun in a razorback(TL AC)

    Tactical w/ meltagun, PC, in a Rhino
    Scouts w/ Power weapon, melta bomb

    Dread in a pod

    Fast attack
    Assault squad w/ power weapon, combat shield
    bike squad (5 bikes) w/ 2 melta guns, 1 attack bike (MM)
    Land speeder strom w/ MM

    Heavy support
    predator w/ sponsors LC

    that it, i though using the Dread pod as a decoy/fire magnet while i advance with my core units, using my fast attack to support my mech advance. using bikes/ scout in the skimmer to cover my flank/objective.

    nothing fancy yet but i wanna try it out seem to have good CC and shooty power even though short range, can still punch a hole in a lot of targets if i place my troops right.

    what u season SM'ers think?

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    First of, welcome to space Marines, as a former Eldar player I was similarly drawn for a different feel. My first comment, would be you definitely dont have enough troops, at 1500 you want as least 3, is really just asking for problems especially with scouts. I would only take 1 HQ at 1500, especially with Space marine's. My personal feel is Bikes offer more survivability than jumpers, and are just better rounded. Turbo Boost is wonderful. That being said, I would take one or the other. In the Tac Squad I would just stick with the free ML, its free, and a wonderful weapon is the Plasma Cannon really worth what you have to pay vs. the Missile Launcher. Some swear by it, but I think its really a Luxury. I like to run, a HQ on a Bike with a relic Blade. and take two Bike Squads as Troops, with 1 or 2 Tac Squads in Rhino's or Dropping. A list I usually play is pretty similar to this one:

    HQ 1:
    Captain (165)
    -w/ Bike, Relic Blade

    Elite: 1&2
    Dreadnaught 155 (310)
    -w/ Multi Melta, Extra Armor
    -Drop Pod

    Troops 1&2:
    6 Space Marine Bikers + 1 Attack Bike 250 (500)
    -2 w/ Melta Gun
    -Sergent w/ Power Fist
    -Attack Bike w/ Multi Melta

    Troop 3:
    10 man Tactical Squad (235)
    -1 w/ Missile Launcher
    -1 w/ Melta gun
    -1 w/ Sergeant w/ Power Fist

    -Drop Pod
    Fast Attack: 1&2: (140)
    Land Speeder 70
    -w/ 2x Multi Melta

    Heavy Support: 140
    Predator - 140
    -w/ Lascannon Sponsons
    1490 pts
    Hope this helped

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