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    Senior Member Collins254's Avatar
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    33 (x2)

    1500 point Death Corps tank army

    This is taken from Imperial Armour Vol7 the siege of Vraks part3 and IS legal

    Company Command tank, Demolisher Cannon, Extra Armor, Hull Heavy Flamer=190
    Commissar Tank, Punisher Cannon, Extra Armor(they ride together so both can always move and shoot), Hull Heavy Flamer=205

    1.Lemun Russ, Executioner Cannon=190
    2.Lemun Russ, Executioner Cannon=190
    3.Lemun Russ, Demolisher Cannon=165
    4.Death Korps Infantry Squads
    Death Corps Infantry Squad with Melta gun=70
    Death Corps Infantry Squad with Plasma gun=75
    Death Corps Infantry Squad with Flamer=65
    5.Lemun Russ, Battle Cannon=150

    Fast Attack:
    Hellhound with Inferno Cannon=130

    Heavy Suppport:
    Earthshaker Strike=70

    1500pts exactly, i would havedropped the 3 infantry squads for another tank, but i do need to consider objectives, and 6 lemun russ is plenty for 1500 points lol

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    Fantasy : Empire, Chaos Warriors, Chaos Daemons, Vampire Counts, Beastmen, High Elves, Lizardmen( but i have opinions on every army just not the money)
    40k: Black Templars, Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, Tau (thinking of Eldar)

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    3 (x1)

    ouch you sick bastard!! however i wouldnt have done a melta, plasma, and flamer, i probably would have gone 3 grenade launchers given the nature of the Death Corps, and knowing me probably mortars but that probably wouldnt be best in a tank army

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