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    Blood & Souls for Khaine! flameseeker574's Avatar
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    20 (x1)

    1500 Blood angels first try with new codex

    (Unleash rage, the blood lance)
    Jump pack

    Honor Guard-230
    JPs,SN,champ,PW,chapter banner

    Tac x10 – 230
    Flamer, ML,PF in a Pod

    Tac x10 – 230
    Flamer, ML,PF in a Pod

    Assault Squad x10-225
    2x melta, PF

    Fast Attack

    w/ TLAC Hvy Bolters



    Asscan, hvy flamer in a pod

    some quick notes:
    I would love to replace the dread with a furioso but don't have the model.

    Any advice on swapping the HG for sanguinary guard, right now I'm partial to the HG purely because of the sanguinary priest in the unit and the force multiplying effect he can have. The libby can go with the HG to made an uber unit of sorts or can chill with the assault squad to beef up its threat factor.

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    415 (x8)

    - Sanguinary priests! Get some. You can't cover the entire army with just the HG.
    - Honour guard are miles better than sanguinary guard, for a couple of reasons; more weapon options, and an embedded Sanguinary Priest who can't be singled out and targeted.
    - The price on the assault squads are wrong. They should be 235.
    - Tactical squads are fine, although I recommend locator beacons on the pods if you plan to DS your assault marines. Also, meltaguns are probably better than the flamers.

    Plus, I'm worried about drop pod assault. If you feel comfortable with less scoring units, consider two Dreadnoughts (you can proxy them to try this out because you said you don't have the models) landing on the first turn and a Sternguard squad instead of the tacticals. The Sternguard have better anti-tank and anti-infantry options, and are pretty good in assault.

    The problem you have now is that with three pods, one tactical has to land on the first turn and is potentially vulnerable to a counter-assault. Dreads are much more intimidating, and Sternguard have enough dakka to negate an enemy threat, but your opponent will swat away a tactical squad. You want them arriving later in the game and landing onto objectives, once your opponent is distracted by the dreads and assault squads and Baals.

    Also: sanguinary priests! Sanguinary priests!
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