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    Team up with Vanilla Marines at 1000pts

    Need advice for a team tourney at 1000 pts each with my brother's Space Marine Army as allies.

    Here is what I have so far for my end: (What SM list at 1000pts would be a good compiment?)

    HQ 150pts
    -3x Plasma
    -Chimera Transport

    TROOPS 385pts
    Inf Plt
    -PCS: Autocannon/GL
    -Inf Sqd A: Autocannon/GL
    -Inf Sqd B: Autocannon/GL

    -Vet Sq A: 3x Melta (In Vendetta)

    -Vet Sq B: 2x Flamer/ Demolitions (In Vendetta)

    FAST ATTACK 315pts


    -Rough Rider Sq (will counterstrike to protect LRBT)

    HEAVY 150pts
    -LRBT: Hull HB

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    I would seriously reconsider the rough riders. You could add a 4th plasma gun to the CCS, a second GL to the PCS, and/or a 3rd flamer to Vet Squad B and still have a few points to play with. I'd seriously recommend taking a commissar in one of your infantry squads to give it some staying power in close combat.

    If it were me, I'd drop the rough riders. With the points I would buy a commissar and PW for a line squad, and use the remaining points for a second GL in the PCS and a 3rd flamer for vet squad B.

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