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    1,500 Point Blood Angels Mech

    I'm playing around with a few ideas for lists to play with as I begin to rebuild my SM collection.. and I can't seem to get over the mobile firepower that BA Mech can maintain. It's exactly my kind of army, a rapid precision strike force.. much like what Eldar should be, only BA do it better!

    I have a few considerations and concerns, but I won't mention them now. I'd be more interested to read any thoughts, criticisms, or complaints people may reply with, without skewing the results as being a response to my concerns. I will say right off the bat, though, I don't really care about Sanguinary Priests. They're cool, and FNP + FC are a major boon.. but they'll only be making limited appearances in my casual lists. I expect much SHP spam to come, but I for one won't be building my lists around it.

    HQ ([ 3 4 0 ])
    Librarian [ 100 ]
    +Force Weapon, Bolt Pistol
    +Shield of Sanguinius, Unleash Rage

    Honour Guard [ 150 ]
    +1x Sanguinary Novitiate
    +3x Honour Guard, Bolt Pistol, Chainswords
    +1x Honour Guard, Combi-Melta, Power Fist

    Razorback [ 90 ]
    +TL Assault Cannon

    Troops ([ 6 7 0 ])
    Assault Squad [ 125 ] x2
    +1x Sergeant, Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon
    +4x Assault Marines, 1x Meltagun

    Assault Squad [ 135 ] x2
    +1x Sergeant, Bolt Pistol, Power Fist
    +4x Assault Marines, 1x Meltagun

    Razorback [ 55 ] x2
    +TL Assault Cannon

    Razorback [ 20 ] x2
    +TL Heavy Bolter

    Fast Attack ([ 2 9 0 ])
    Baal Predator [ 145 ] x2
    +TL Assault Cannon
    +Side Sponson Heavy Bolters

    Heavy Support ([ 200 ])
    Predator [ 100 ] x2
    +Side Sponson Heavy Bolters

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    I'm not sure about the 5-man assault squads. Small units really suffer in assault because of the negative Ld modifiers for being outnumbered, and also because you need to co-ordinate multiple vehicles and units into assaulting simultaneously in order to pack any real punch. If I was making a mech list I'd stick to Rhinos, really. Maybe 2x Rhino, 2x Razorback, and 2x Baal? You'd have to drop the Destructors for room but you'd benefit from the larger assault squads. And I know you said not to mention it, but you need some priests.

    I'd also reconsider the libby/honour guard combo. Here's the thing: Unleash Rage gives the librarian and his unit Preferred Enemy. Like a chaplain, it's best utilised with a large squad so that you get the biggest bang for your buck, so to speak. This is why it's something of a wallbanger on Mephiston, who can't join units and would benefit more from MoH.

    The honour guard are nice and cheap with a hidden priest, but I reckon you could drop them and their costly Razorback transport and stick the libby with an assault squad or, if you still want the 2-attack base, the FC and FNP, some Death Company - who I've said, over and over again, are ludicrously points-efficient so long as they haven't got jump packs.

    Separately, I'm not a massive fan of Shield of Sanguinius. It does not work like a KFF, so you can't use it to make your vehicles Obscured. Its only value, therefore, is for footslogging or deep striking lists, in which is still of tangible value, but totally out of place when you consider that the only time your honour guard/libby squad are going to be out of their vehicle - and therefore able to benefit from the cover save - is when they're assaulting, in which case they'll want to use Unleash Rage.

    You could benefit more from a psychic shooting power to use while you're inside the tank. Blood Lance or Smite are nice choices, but Shackle Soul jumps out at me as the most useful one for a unit in a mobile transport, since it can both prevent units from shooting at you, prevent units from assaulting and swarming you, and prevent units from running away so that you can assault them next turn. I do hope you are planning to assault, because this seems like a "stay in my tanks and shoot" list, which is an idea I'm not particularly fond of. BA mech lists are more manouverable than vanilla mech, but they're not that maneouverable. A bike list or an eldar mech list would still be able to run rings around this, so you need to take advantage of your speed to do what most marine mech lists can't and lock them in assault.

    Also, an Ork player with three battlewagons would get a kick out of running around tank shocking everything he could see and taking out three tanks a turn but at this point I'm just rambling on full automatic.
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