alright guys im kinda new here, but beside that i have two 2000pt ba list ideals





sanguinary guard-240pt
-chapter banner
-infurnus pistol
-goes with dante

sanguinary priest-75pt
-jump pack
-goes with sanguinay gurad


X2 tactical squad-175pts
-plus 5 men
-melta gun

assault squad-130pt
-power fist

death company X8-290pt
-2 power sword
-thunder hammer
-goes with reclusiarch
-storm bolter
-hunter killer

death company dread-160pt
-drop pod

Fast attack:

X2 baal predator-155pt
-heavy bolter
-storm bolter

attack bike team-100pt
-X2 attack bikes

List ideal 2 is basically the same thing and is 2000 pt, turn down recluiarch to chaplin,
turn the lascannons from the tacs into missile launcher
and death company is reduced to x5 men,
and give the two tac squad rhinos.
so guys what do you think which is better list 1 or 2
and which could be more competitive