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    Madman using combat guard! 1500pts

    Ok, my last combat list caused a lot of controvosy, and I hope this one will do the same. Advice from the previous army has been carried through to this one, especially in the form of additional anti horde and anti tank. And so, voila, here is my list!

    Company Command Squad - 160
    Colonel 'Iron Hand' Straken
    Regimental Standard

    Inquisitor Lord - 121
    Power Weapon
    3x Crusaders

    Marbo - 65

    Callidus Assassin - 120

    Infantry Platoon - 209
    Platoon Command Squad - 40
    Power Weapon

    10-man Infantry Squad - 57
    Grenade Launcher
    Bolt Pistol

    10-man Infantry Squad - 57
    Grenade Launcher
    Bolt Pistol

    10-man Infantry Squad - 55
    Grenade Launcher

    Infantry Platoon - 135
    Platoon Command Squad - 30

    10-man Infantry Squad - 55
    Grenade Launcher

    10-man Infantry Squad - 50

    Penal Legion - 80

    Penal Legion - 80

    Penal Legion - 80

    Fast Attack
    Vendetta Gunship - 130

    Vendetta Gunship - 130

    Heavy Support
    Leman Russ Battle Tank - 190
    Heavy Flamer
    Plasma Cannons

    GRAND TOTAL - 1500pts

    Ok the plans:
    Straken and CCS - Run up the middle with Straken giving his bonus to everyone possible, meaning Furious Charge, Counter Attack and reroll morale & pinning tests.

    Inquisitor - Run with Straken. Anti MEQ unit with 5xS4 WS5 I6 PW attacks, 9xS4 WS4 I4 PW attacks, and 2xS4 WS3 I4 normal attacks (enough to take out 4.08 space marines) on the charge.

    Marbo - Appear, det-pack, then prey on small units and at least stop a turn of shooting from one unit. Equally can be used as an annoyance, eg using sniper pistol to shoot MEQ.

    Callidus - Use 'word in your ear' to move a heavy ranged unit behind something (eg heavy weapons team so they cannot shoot in the first turn due to moving. Then can charge in, kill a few, leap back out in the opponant's turn ready to shoot and re-charge in the next phase.

    Platoon Command Squad 1- Try not to die, just dive in and kill stuff, hopefully kill a few things with the powerweapon.

    Infantry Squad 1,2&3 - Deploy as one group with 'combined squads' so as to limit morale checks and meat shield the precious squads. Chosen instead of conscripts because 1 point for +2 ld, the ability to take GL and +1BS if ever they make it to the front lines (a miracle I know) is well worth it. Grenade Launchers can be used to the general annoyance of the enemy, especially horde armies.

    Platoon Command Squad 2- Try not to die, just dive into combat as extra bodies with combat weapons + pistols and see what happens. Couldn't afford a PW here but no matter.

    Infantry Squad 4 - Meat shield after the big 30 man one + annoy enemy with GL.

    Infantry Squad 5 - First meat shield. Vanilla and cheap.

    Penal Legion 1,2&3 - If get knife fighters, are to be protected with the Inquisitor and Straken. If get Gunslingers, shooting advance into enemies ranks or work independantly as long range fire. If Psychopaths, advanced meatshield using fleet to advance quicker than others.

    Vendetta - Kill tanks with 3 twin-linked lascannons, simple as that.

    Vendetta - Kill tanks with 3 twin-linked lascannons, simple as that.

    Leman Russ Battle Tank - Take out MEQ units with plasmas and battle cannon. Possibility of targetting medium and light vehicles in the event that these pose a greater threat. Has flamer if enemy gets close, though generally sit in a corner with rear armour to table back looking angled into the battlefield to allow for full firing and protection of weak rear armour.

    Ok, well I hope we can agree that this is an improvement on the first list, thoughts anyone?

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