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    2000 pt Hybrid List mainly for fun

    If it plays well I may take it to the tournament, but mainly this list is for fun. With the new blood angels and tyranids I feel like the battle tank will have a triumphant return.
    The sniper squad, command squad and hark's squad will mainly be the objective sitters pushing back anybody who makes it through with the battle tank to support.
    the demolisher, hellhound, chimelta advanced forward, meeting up with al'rahem's platoon, marbo and the storm troopers (and the vendetta if i decide to outflank for some reason)
    the plasmavets are in the vendetta and will chill in the backfield shooting transports until someone gets caught in the open where they'll zoom forward and unload. the storm troopers will deep strike and eliminate targets of opportunity similar to how Sun the Unwilling uses them in his post.

    I know there are some options that some will say is inefficient, such as the missile launchers on the 2 vet units but I really like the option for my veterans to sit still and shoot down field if the enemy is an assault army or if their transports get busted. plus my guys are tanith and I haven't had treadfethers in my lists for a while

    Company Command Squad
    3 Flamers, Regimental Standard
    Power Weapon
    cloaks, astropath

    Vet Sniper Squad
    3x snipers, autocannon, forward sentries

    Vet Scout Squad
    Harker, 3x grenade launchers, heavy bolter

    Melta Vets
    3 meltas, powerfist, missiler launcher

    Airborne Vets
    3x plasmaguns, missile launcher, demolitions

    Al'Rahem's Platoon Total: 455
    Al'Rahem, 4x flamers, Chimera w/heavy flamer
    Squad A: melta, Chimera w/heavy flamer
    Squad B: melta, Chimera w/heavy flamer

    Storm Troopers x5
    2 plasma guns

    Guardsman Marbo

    heavy bolters


    Leman Russ Battle Tank
    Heavy Bolter Sponsons, pintle mounted heavy stubber


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