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    1750 BLood Angel List , attempt at being Competitive

    Just moved into the local area and taking part in a stores league based around the battle mission book (you challange anyone else in the league, you choose the mission if you challange), so anyway this is my list, please be harsh as you like;


    Sanguinary Guard

    1x infernus pistol.
    1x Chapter Banner.
    Death Masks

    Jump Pack

    Sanguinary Priest
    Jump pack, Power Fist

    Sanguinary Priest
    Jump pack, Power Fist

    Assault Squad (10)

    Power Fist
    2x Melta Guns

    Assault Squad (10)
    Power Fist
    2x Melta Guns

    Death Company (10)
    2x Power Fists
    Jump Packs

    I get left with approx 25 points , thinking of dropping the power fists on the priests and taking up power weapons, then breaking down the assault squads to 4 lots of 5 each with a power fist sergent and melta gunner , any ideas ?

    Thanks in advance


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    Couple things:

    - Mephiston is fine (actually worth his points in this edition) but remember that he's not an IC. The best way to use him is if you have vehicles to block enemy LOS to him.
    - Power fists on priests are pretty expensive and not likely to see any use. The priest can be independently targeted and wiped out before getting to strike. If you plan to arm them with anything, use a power sword or lightning claw.
    - There's no real point taking 4 groups of 5 assault marines when you have Combat Squads. Just split them into tank hunter and assault units.

    Personally I think that jump pack DC and Sanguinary Guard are too expensive for their points. DC are great for mech lists because they're so cheap without their packs on, but SG are only cost-effective against a very limited number of enemies. You should drop the SG entirely and make sure that the DC are shielded when they advance up the board because they clock in at a ridiculous price per model.
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