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Thread: 1000pts Hybrid

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    1000pts Hybrid

    I've been mostly lurking on the forum for the better part of a year now, so I know the general drill.

    At the moment I only have 2 chimeras and 2 russes, but a i have somewhere around 45 normal guardsmen with an array of special and heavy weapons(3 of almost everything). The russes need some modeling work (got them used) so I can still change them up.

    The theme of the army is a hive defence force, which is a good excuse to not have to buy and transport vendettas for now.


    Company Command Squad
    Autocannon Team
    2 Sniper Rifles


    Guardsman Marbo


    Platoon I

    Platoon I Command Squad
    3 Flamers

    Platoon I Squad I
    Autocannon Team
    Grenade Launcher

    Platoon I Squad II
    Autocannon Team
    Grenade Launcher

    Veteran Squad I
    3 Plasmaguns
    Chimera Transport
    Hull Heavy Flamer

    Veteran Squad II
    3 Meltaguns
    Chimera Transport
    Hull Heavy Flamer


    Leman Russ Demolisher
    Hull Heavy Flamer

    Leman Russ Demolisher
    Hull Heavy Flamer

    Total: 1000

    The platoon squads mob up with the commissar, the vehicles mostly move forward to threaten enemy armour. From reading some of SandWyrm's battle reports (Great blog!) I might keep the plasma vets in reserve depending on the situation, but that might dilute my chimeras a bit too much.

    I'm not really sure what to do with the CCS. Once I have more chimeras I'll chimeltize the squad, and mount up the PCS but until then they'll just sit near the blob and prived extra firepower, orders and close support.

    I had been thinking of changing up a russ for and eradicator, but my primary opponent plays space wolves. Might also have it just be a plain LRBT, but not sure what to do with the saved points other than shave more off and go for a third infantry squad.

    Expansion plans to 1500 include a hellhound, more chimeras and mentioned earlier, another infantry squad to blob up with the others, and a manticore (not sure how to work an indirect weapon into the fluff though).

    Another related question: what do you guys do for transportation? My end army will include ~6 chimera chassis, 2-3 russes, ~50 infantry and potentially sentinels and vendettas. My current case (a "Battlehive" that I got when I bought the original army quite a while ago) doesn't have room for my second russ but is otherwise convenient for now.

    AKA MindSnap

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    Ditch the Sniper Rifles and replace them with G-Launchers. They are more reliable and work better with the Autocannon. Sniper Rifles are pretty poor altogether to be honest with you.

    Platoon: Looks good. I prefer G-Launchers to Flamers purely because you get to shoot people from turn one. Flamers you'll get 1 shot off and then die.....if you're lucky.

    Vet squads are fine. If you expand to 1500pts I'd grab another Melta squad. You don't want all yout Anti-tank in one basket.


    2 Demolishers? yeowch.

    All in all I really like the list. It's pretty much a spot on hybrid list. Good effort.

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