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    2K Space wolves ( core army with enough options + some advice )

    Hi all,

    I played space marines salamanders before but after a while I was getting bored about this army and I wanted to start something new. I had the old space wolves codex and I always wanted to start with them, a couple of mounths later they had a new dex so that was a yes for me.

    I only bought 2 space wolves packs and 1 wolf guard terminator pack and I started to convert everything with my space marines bits. It took some time but it has a nice looking result. It was time to test those new models and also the new dex, I always play against my m8 who play IG with all chimeras and vendettas. At the beginning I tested everything: blood claws with wolf guard and lord in redeemer, footslogging, jump inf with wolf priest etc etc ( I also did some tournys with the wolves )

    The result is , you NEED rune priests, and enough of these ( I run 3 in 2K and 2 in1.5K ) these guys give your army some very good extras ( tempest wrath is nasty agains eldar and chaos deamons and also a pain for the new BA ) all the rest of the HQ are in my eyes not that good in support ( second fav. is a wolf priest ) for troops you need a good core of grey hunters led by a wolf guard ( and always take a wolf standard ) you need to run them in rhino's or drop pods ( I use both ) if you are making a army list with you FAslots full off thunderwolves you can run them as footslogging. I also have a blood claw squad as close combat specialists with 2 flamers and a wolf guard with heavy flamer ( toast them ). For elites I have 2 squads with wolf guards in terminator armor and drop pods and also some extra wolf guards who will join my GH an BC squads. Those wolf guards will drop on turn 1 with the rune priests and harass the enemy ( I have enough storm shields to absorb fire ) the rest of my army will advance without that much incomming fire. I also have wolf scouts and I can say NEVER leave fenris without those, they are cheap and a gunline will fear those guys. The same for my long fangs NEVER leave this guys at home asswell. I run them with AT weapons and I have 2 of these ( if I roll good I can destroy/dissable the function of 4 tanks ) And 5th ed is all about tanks.

    Core of SW armies : rune priest,grey hunters, wolf scouts, long fangs for the rest you add some punch with wolf guard and blood claws.


    Rune priest ( terminator armor,combi melta ) ( living lightning,jaws ) 125pts
    Rune priest ( terminator armour,combi melta ) ( tempest wrath,murderous huricane ) 125pts
    Rune priest ( storm caller, tempest wrath ) 100pts


    8 x GH ( WS,MG ) + rhino 170pts
    8 x GH ( WS,MG ) + rhino 170pts
    8 x GH ( WS,MG ) + drop pod 170pts
    10 x BC ( flamer x2 ) 150pts


    5 x wolf scouts ( MG ) 85pts

    5 x wolf guard + drop pod 310pts
    ( 2xTHammer/SShield,1xChainF/SShield,combiM/PWeapon,heavyFL/PFist all terminator armour )

    7 x wolf guard + drop pod 411pts
    ( 2xTHammer/SShield,1xChainF/SShield,combiM/PWeapon,assaultC/PFist all terminator armour )
    ( 2 Pfist/Bpistol/Power armour )


    5 x long fangs ( 1 squad leader,2missile launchers,2 lascannons ) 145pts
    5 x long fangs ( 1 squad leader,2missile launchers,2 lascannons ) 145pts

    The wolf guards with power armour and fist/pistol will led the greyhunters in the rhinos.
    Wolf guard with assault cannon and fist will led the greyhunters in the drop pod.
    Wolf guard with heavyflamer and fist will led the blood claws who also will be joined by the rune priest with storm caller.
    Other rune priests will led the wolf guards in the drop pods.

    This is a effective list and and it has everything onboard what space wolves can offer and it also reflect the style of war from the wolves on the tabletop. I am not so a huge fan of the thunderwolves yet ( they also dont have models yet ) because of the point cost. ( would be nice if a wolf priest can led those guys but we didnt receive that pleasure )

    This is >2000 pts

    Tx for reading

    Last edited by dento; April 20th, 2010 at 10:51.
    Shas'O dent'O r'myr cadre ( 1850pts ) ( O'shovah breakaway rules )
    Space wolves " dentonir " the red wolves company ( Canis wolf cavalry list, 1000pts )

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