Librarian or Capitan (or Chaplin) (nids or orks) (with dc)

5 man Death Company (in gunship)

5 assault (in gunship)
w/ pwf, flamer

3 Baal predators
Assault cannon and heavy bolters, dozer

2 gunship
w/ the 2 missiles instead of heavy bolter.
1 death company dread (in gunship)
w/ blood talons
1 furisso dread (in gunship)
w/ blood talons

I played this army against both an ork player and a nid player and wiped them both taking next to no casualties. Neither of them was playing very horde armies. But if they had I donít think I would have had any trouble dispatching them as hell. I donít know if I put down all the options details that I played with but this is the basic concept of my army. Apart from the fact that it canít really take objectives. What do you think of it as an army mint to annihilate hits opponent?