havet got anything yet (apart from the leman russ) so what ever u think would work but this is not going to get any bigger so its a force by itself

CCS w/ 3x meltaguns, medic, vox caster, master of ordnance, 2 bodyguards - 175
chimera w/ auto cannon (i know its not in the codex but i payed 5 points to replace the multi laser and its at a club so it will be fine unless we start a tournament + am getting the model of forge world) - 60

PCS w/ heavy flamer, 3 flamers, power wepon, vox caster - 85
2 x infantry squad w/ auto cannon, grenade launcher. one vox caster - 135

PCS w/ auto cannon, 2 x sniper rifle - 50
2 x infantry squad w/ flamer, vox caster - 120
heavy wepon squad w/ 3 x lascannon - 105

scout sentinal w/ auto cannon - 40

leman russ executioner w/ plasma cannons - 230