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    1000pt first time Codex marines

    Rip Chapter traits.
    Anyway, this is the list. The meaning is that the two squad of marines will contest and supress, meanwhile the sternguard moves in to take out machines and then bolt some enemies in cover. The predator will kill anything in its vicinity or draw fire for a round or too. Chaplain goes with the assault squad to jump straight into combat, smashing through the battleline and winning time for the rest of the marines (if all goes well... heh eh ehhh)
    Chaplain: Jump pack, melta bombs
    5 Sternguard: sergeant, 2 x multimelta
    9 Tactical marines: sergeant, Heavy bolter, Flamer - attached to Razorback
    9 Tactical marines: sergeant, Heavy bolter, Flamer
    9 Assault Marines: 2x flamer Sergeant with power fist
    Predator: lascannon sponsons

    Please come Critique, anything. But remember that what i ahve is: enough to convert a chaplain. The tactical marines. The predator and 5 assault marines. I do not have bucketloads of money atm.

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    I'll give advice on what you could turn this into, fair enough? Obviously money is a huge object for us all but you can just make some tweaks here.

    First of all, bad HQ for this list. A Chaplain is great for assault but you have one very fast squad and the others are all slow. That's to easy to target for an opponent, I kill what's going to get to me first. Something great would be a Captain on a Bike. If you play on good terrain tables, he's easy to hide and not a lot will kill him at range in 1000, especially if you play wisely and give him a 3++ save. That's a much speedier delivery system and it toughens him up a good bit. If you're worried over armor, give him a Thunder hammer, if worried about units give him a Relic Blade.

    Sternguard, a bit to pricey for this point game and they have no delivery system. Sternguard shine with tons of Combi-Weapons on a Pod or Razorback. So give them Combi-Meltas and the Razorback if you must keep them.

    The tactical Squads, good starts here. I'd give out Meltas over Flamers, you're raw amount of Bolters will hurt many armies but you'll be glad for the extra firepower against big creatures or those people who run tanks in low point games as an all or nothing. Also, Sarges need PFs, it's a must run. Just treat them as part of the models cost.

    Now if you drop the Chaplain the Assault Squad has to go. What you have to decide is, are you committed to this unit doing well? If you are, you have to mount up your other units. This does two things. First, your army is all going fast, so everything is an equal threat. Second, you can hide them behind the armor so they take almost no damage before jumping OVER the tanks and charging. In any case a 5 man squad might be a bit more manageable.

    Predators are great but they're best with Autocannons/HBs or just the Autocannon. As is, it's a very expensive tank with so-so armor and it can't move and shoot, death for a tank.

    I think with some investing in transports you'll have a great army. If you like Heavy Weapons, buy Razorbacks and put half of units in them, otherwise buy Rhinos and forget the Heavy Weapons. Marines love transports, always.
    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
    Like to talk Warhammer or want some advice on Armies or Tactics? Drop me a PM!

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