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    My First List 1500 pt (Mostly vs. Orks)


    I have just started the hobby; my friends have been trying to get me to try it for a few months now. For the most part they have Ork armies, so I will be playing them most of the time. If you could give me any advice on improving this list or any tactics I should use, that would be of great help. I have Chaplain Cassius riding with Terminators in the Land Raider. Have the regular Dreadnought drop first then the Venerable, use the Scouts to hold objectives and/or take long shots at the Ork hordes. Also if you have any good tactics vs. Ork Warbikes it would be very helpful, Thank you.



    Chaplain Cassius 125 points


    Terminator CC x 5 ( 2 w/ LC and 3 w/ TH/SS) 200 points
    w/ Land Raider Crusader (Extra Armor) 265 points

    Dreadnought w/ Multi-melta (/w Flamer and Extra Armor)
    w/ Drop Pod 165 points

    Venerable Dreadnought w/ Assault Cannon (/w Flamer and Extra Armor)
    w/ Drop Pod 235 points


    Tactical Squad x 10 (w/ Flamer and w/ ML)
    w/ Rhino 205 points

    Tactical Squad x 10 (w/ Flamer and w/ ML)
    w/ Rhino 205 points

    Scouts with Sniper Rifles x 5 (w/ Cloaks and w/ ML) 100 points

    Total: 1500 points

    Thank you for any help you can provide and I would love to hear any tactics you suggest to use with this list (or how to improve the list

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    Welcome to LO!

    You have a very beginner Marine list, luckily that's never bad as Marines can be forgiving. I'd tweak a few things, hopefully without you buying to many models.

    Cassius isn't needed, you can get a cheaper CC threat. A Captain with Relic Blade and Storm Shield will carve up infantry easily and possibly even live through Powerklaws with some nice rolls.

    You want either 4 LCs or 3 LCs, low Initiative is bad against Orks, you want to hit first so they don't roll those buckets of dice at you. Direct the hammer at characters if they have them, or any vehicles your friends may run. The Crusader is fine, going to mow down Orks and their vehicles and almost nothing in the army can hurt AV14, just beware PK wielding Bosses.

    Dreads should both be regular, venerable is a crap shoot and you don't need to waste the points. Both are good with Multi-M and HF, that's a very diverse set-up and with the Pod they can use both easily. I don't like Extra Armor but if it works for you and you have points, go for it.

    Your Marines squads need Powerfists, this is a must have. Not only does it deny saves (not a big deal against Orks) but it wounds on 2+ almost always and can insta-kill Nobz and characters. Your weapons are fine, if you expand your opponent base you'll want Meltas over Flamers. Don't be afraid to split your squads, keeping the ML back for fire support while the Flamer and PF get aggressive.

    The Scouts are fine but make sure you include a HB or ML, it's a great buy. The Cloaks aren't a must have, a 3+ cover is nice but don't assume you HAVE to have it. Shoot specialty squads with this unit, or units that can be Pinned.

    Like I said, this is very straight forward and can win, especially as a beginner. 3 Troops is risky, especially when one isn't moving and is so small. If you find this to be a problem, drop a Dread for a 3rd Marine unit, identical. You have some upgrades that can go to squeeze points, extra armor and cloaks. Good luck!
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