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    2500pt Apocalypse

    So I'll be playing an Apoc game with a couple of buddies soon and could use some advice. 10k battle, my daemonhunters and my friend's blood angels vs 5k worth of CSM, mostly iron warriors, including a chaos conclave and a stormlord. Now, this is pretty much all the DH stuff I have, excluding some PAGK I could use for a purgation squad or something. I know the orbital strikes are cheesy, but I got nothing else and its in line with the fluff right? Damnit...

    1 Grey Knight Brother-Captain Stern (HQ) @ 325 Pts
    4 Grey Knight Terminator Retinue @ [184] Pts
    Nemesis & Storm Bolter (x4)

    1 Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Lord (HQ) @ 231 Pts
    Close Combat Weapon (x1); Plasma Pistol (x1)

    3 Acolyte @ [69] Pts
    CCW (free); Plasma Pistol
    1 Mystic @ [6] Pts
    Laspistol & CC Weapon
    1 Sage @ [10] Pts
    Laspistol & CC Weapon
    3 Warrior @ [85] Pts
    Plasma Cannon Servitor (x1); Veteran Plasmagun (x2)

    10 Grey Knights (Troops) @ 275 Pts
    Nemesis & Storm Bolter
    10 Grey Knights (Troops) @ 275 Pts
    Nemesis & Storm Bolter

    1 Grey Knight Dreadnought (Heavy Support) @ 155 Pts
    Missile Launcher; Twin-linked Lascannon
    Blessed [10]; Extra Armour [5]

    1 Grey Knight Dreadnought (Heavy Support) @ 145 Pts
    Dread. CC Weapon; Storm Bolter; Twin-linked Lascannon
    Blessed [10]; Extra Armour [5]

    2 Grey Knight Land Raider (Heavy Support) @ 530 Pts
    Linked Lascannon (x2); Twin-linked Heavy Bolters
    Extra Armour [5]; Blessed [10]

    7 Orbital Strike (Heavy Support) @ 560 Pts
    Melta Torpedo

    Models in Army: 38
    Total Army Cost: 2496

    Now, the Inquisitor is just there to be parked in a bastion and capitalize on the mystic's ability, mostly. My ally doesn't have very much in the way armor busting weapons, so I'm sure he's hoping I'll pick up that slack. I'm hoping the orbitals and the lascannons are enough, but.... we'll see. Anyway, what say ye? A possible victory for the Imperium vs the forces of chaos, or should I shelve this endeavor and just field my larger, more flexible Tau force.

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    10 (x1)

    lol this list is pretty interesting! um let me see what can be improved or just noted...

    Stern does have hammer hand but you may want to save the one psychic power for the force weapon and instead change one storm bolter NFW to a TH/SS terminator...

    The Inq Lord seems fiffy... they are geared with lots of plasma pistols... range 12", and then one plasma cannon range 36" and two plasma guns 24"... then they have the Inq and two more henchmen... those pistols are expensive! and as soon as you start taking wounds youll start losing them because they are the first things notable to go... and mostly likely the die before someone is with in 12" so instead i would give them Articicer armour and that way you can have 4 2+ saves; three on the henchmen and one on the lord, but before rolling the save on the lord allocate it to another henchmen... also you need two sages as it will provide that reroll the one mystic you can get away with because youll probably be firing with the squad anyways...

    you may wanna pick up an assassin... vindicare or callidus would be nice...

    i see that you dont have lots of models so the troops are fine at that... if you can, give them 2 psycannons each and have them sit at an objective...

    you should upgrade the other dread to a missle launcher also...

    the two LR i think are good- only take out blessed, also add Smoke launchers to these; if you have more add them though... (im not sure what youre planning to do with them though... are you deepstriking stern and placing the PAGK in the LR?)

    concerning the melta orbitals... thats a toss in the air... if they take out two LR which they could it would be sweet... but its also very risky... who knows though maybe in large numbers they are extremly effective...

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