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    mechanized/armor guard?

    HQ - primaris psyker - 70

    Troops - vet w/ harker, 3 grenade launchers, heavy bolter. chimera w/ heavy bolter, stubber - 230

    Troops - vet w/ 2 flamers, heavy flamer, heavy bolter. chimera w/ heavy flamer, stubber dozer blades - 185

    Troops - vet w/ 2 flamers, heavy flamer, heavy bolter, 6 shotguns, forward sentries - 140

    FA - Valkyrie w/ rocket pods, heavy bolters - 140

    FA - 2 devil dogs, each w/ heavy flamer - 240

    HS - 2 battle tanks, each w/ heavy bolters, stubber, dozer, camo - 420

    HS - executioner w/ pask, demolisher, each w/ plasma cannons, stubber, dozer, camo - 565


    general tactic is flank with harker and the primaris psyker in a chimera accompanied by the forward sentries in the Valkyrie, dishing out death every 6 inches (combined that's 4 heavy bolters, a lightning arc, 3 grenade launchers, 2 missile pods, a multi-laser, a stubber, and a lasgun while on the move!)

    then the flame vets clear terrain. (i know im wasting BS4 on flamers when i could just as easily take a hell-hound for less but these guys count as scoring)

    devil dogs tank hunt. (kept them with heavy flamers for clearing squads outa transport wreaks, cuz its wat i'd do with harker's team)

    battle tanks pucker up next low terrain or the edge of area terrain and unleash upon heavy infantry and hordes alike.

    executioner/demo same as above but take on elites, monstrous creatures, and HQs (and tanks in a pinch). nuthing like bs4 str7 ap2 blast 5 at 36 inches to mess up a terminator's day.

    note on flair: harker is gonna be modeled after R. Lee Ermey "the gunny"

    gonna test this out over the weekend (only need to proxy psyker, 1 chimera, and 2 devil dogs) against deamons, space marines, and orks. any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Ooooh a lot can get better here.

    Primaris is fine, a good HQ for Mech. Chimeras and a complimentary unit are his friend.

    You don't want a Chimera with Harker because than you can't Infiltrate. I'd drop their HW and Outflank them as a terrain hiding gun unit. 1 HB and 3 GLs is a decent unit at rear armor or gun nests.

    Also, Chimera shouldn't have any upgrades. Stubbers aren't amazing and Dozer Blades are so rarely an issue it's not worth bothering. Chimeras aren't tough, keep them cheap and effective. Forward Sentries, the cloaks are okay and the snares suck. I'd bank these 30 points, that's a lot of useful guns or men for IG.

    I'd have both your other Vet units identical. Drop the HB, you won't be using it hardly ever. I'd go Shotguns everywhere, an under-rated weapon for a short ranged unit.

    Do NOT group ANY tanks. Ever. The rules for vehicle squads are there to ruin people who do so, just read them. The Devil Dogs are okay, I'd pay for the MM as you want a backup tank hunting gun if you lose the big one.

    Drop the HBs on the Valk, they won't do much and you don't need to pay for them.

    Russes, lose all the upgrades and don't group. I'm a huge hater of sponsons, they rarely fire and rarely matter. Just toss a HF on the front and go to town, for cheap.

    Executioner w/ Pask....not great. Even worse grouped with a Demolisher. What are these going to shoot at? And the upgrades? Oh my god. Those both can go. I mean, you didn't even use all three HS slots, why? Use them.

    A MUCH better setup would be 1 LRBT and 2 Demos or 2 LRBTs and 1 Demo. They all can shoot separately and won't be hurt by a grouped presence. Run them with HFs and NOTHING else. Than spread out your Devil Dogs. Now by dropping a tank and tons of excess points, you can buy more things you need. Id' grab at least 1 more vet unit, with all Meltas because you're IG, it's like your favored weapon. Put the new unit in the Valk, looking way better. Another thing to consider would be a small Platoon to stay at home on your objective and provide fire support.
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    I always give a for bringing a platoon to the fight.

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