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    1500pt Raven Guard Theme - All comers list


    Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike - 195pts

    Command Squad - 210pts
    -4x Plasma Guns


    Scout Squad - 135pts
    -3x Snipers
    -Missile Launcher
    -Sergent Telion

    Tactical Squad - 225pts
    -+5 Marines
    -Power Weapon


    Dreadnought - 140pts
    -Drop pod

    Dreadnought - 140pts
    -Drop Pod

    Fast Attack-

    Assault Squad - 235pts
    -+5 Marines
    -3x Plasma Pistols

    Vanguard Veteran Squad - 220pts
    -4x Power Weapons
    -Drop Pod

    First time posting, yay~
    Also first space marine list~

    The game plan would be put Shrike with the assault marines and infiltrate them in. Given the jump packs, they should be assaulting first turn, picking off guys with plasma as they go.
    The command squad in the rhino is just meant to roll up and drop something. 8 plasma shots is going to drop pretty much anything you're shooting at, if not taking a large chunk out of it.
    The scout squad will infiltrate in to a safe place, an objective if the game calls for it, and just pick at enemy infantry. Every weapon is 36"+ range, so it should keep them out of harm's way.
    Tactical squad is just kind of utility, meltagun if i need the anti-tank, power weapon if I need the anti-infantry, rhino for getting where they need to go, the usual. All in all, kind of disappointed with this choice, but i don't know what to do with it.
    Dreadnoughts in drop pods. Enough said I think.
    Vanguards in a drop pod with power weapons, it's my hope that with their heroic intervention combined with drop pod assault, and the assault squad, that I can tie up two squads in melee first turn. All having power weapons might be a bit overkill, but I've had issues with terminators, and this is an all comers list.

    Final notes, I think the list is pretty good for straight up killing my opponent, but a bit lacking if it's an objective game. I'd probably end up trying to wipe out my opponent opposed to capturing objectives, which may or may not work. I really don't like bikes. I realize they're really good, but I really don't like the sculpt, and I think space marines riding motor cycles just looks dumb. They're manly enough as it is. That being said, a very convincing argument may sway me.

    Thanks in advance for thoughts and suggestions =D

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    Firstly Vanguard Marines do not need a Drop Pod. I would drop that and put the Command Squad into a Razorback for the extra firepower.

    With the Tactical Squad, I would Combat Squad it with the Missile Launcher and 4 Marines acting as Devastators and the Sergeant with Powerfist and a Marine with Meltagun acting as a fast response anti-tank squad in a Razorback. Or, if you aren't to happy about the Tactical Marines, drop them and run another 2 Scout Squads which is in keeping with the theme,
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