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    Blood Angels 1500 points, first attempt.

    Hi Forum!

    I have jumped on the band wagon that is Blood Angels! I have been playing and painting generic marines now for a long time now and I decided it was time for a change.

    I got the new codex yesterday and promptly proxied a list.

    Astorath the Grim

    2x sanguinary priests w/ power weapons.

    furioso dreadnaught w/ blood claws.

    10 man assault squad w/ 2x meltagun, powerfist.

    2x 5 man assault squad w/ meltagun, power weapon.

    2x razorback w/ twin-linked assault cannon.

    8 man death company w/ power fist, power weapon, jump packs.

    baal predator w/ flamestorm cannon, heavy flamer sponsons.

    The small assault sqauds are without jump packs and they ride in the razorbacks along with the priests.

    I digged out ye ol' gauntled of duel! and called a friend to let him know that he had been challenged.

    He played regular marines with a LRR and 40 something marines(2x rhino marines, 10 in the LRR, 10 assault marines with chaplain and 5 terminators)

    We set up and opened fire!

    But something strange happened! I actually won a game!

    And it was all thanks to the old bottleneck strategy. I lured him into a small space between two pieces of terrain and then i poured my men into battle. It ended i a massacre. I had about half my men left and by the end of turn five I had cleared the table.

    The MVP's of the battle must have been Astorath with the DC and the baal pred. Astorath and DC killed a tactical squad, a terminator squad, 2 rhinos(closest enemy so the DC were forced to take on the rhinos and astorath left the squad.) and Astorath went solo and killed of a chaplain and the rest of the assalt squad. Astorath also made sure that every unit in the army without priests got red thirst thanks to his special rule.

    The baal pred made its points back by trapping a tightly packed tac squad under the flamestorm template. not once but twice, killing 5 and 8 marine in two turns.

    The rest of the army was busy trying to kill the LRR which I have to give the honourable mention. It survived 5 turns of melta fire and killed 10 assault marines, a razorback and the furioso.

    I can conlude that I love playing blood angels! and that I will have to spend the $ and the £ at GW tomorrow.

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    I'd say drop the Dread and take another Assault Squad or another tank. Without a Drop Pod it's really just a walking target.
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