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    2k SMurf list VS Blood Angels

    Aaah, good to be back. Getting back into the swing of things, and played a very good game yesterday revolving around the utilization of vanilla space marine cheddar VS the onslaught of hand to hand found in the new Blood Angels codex. (editor: I haven't actually had time to read the new BA codex)

    Capture point mission ended turn 5 *shakes fist* with a draw, but I admit the game was mine =-D

    Any thoughts on possible improvements would be greatly appreciated. I know some of the units are burgeoning. I weigh in with a total of 1995pts with this loadout.

    HQ- Chapter Master w/ Terminator Armor, PWeapon, S.Bolter

    HQ2 - Chapter Master w/ Power Weapon
    Also - 10man Honour Guard w/ Chapter Banner (LOVE that banner, Hate the unit cost)

    395pts total
    Troop1 - 10 man Tactical Squad w/ Plasmagun, Plasmacannon, Power Fist
    Troop2 - 10 man Tactical Squad w/ Plasmagun, Plasmacannon

    660pts total
    Elite1 - Venerable CC Dreadnought w/ Multi-Melta, DCCW w/S. Bolter, Extra Armour
    Elite2 - Same As Above!
    Elite3 - 10man Terminator Squad (No Missile laucher models, curious about feedback on those)

    Heavy - 5man Devastator Squad w/ 4 Missile Launchers (used to the 200pt 8mans from 4th, liking the 5man in 5th moreso)

    As stated above, opponent just got into 5th with his blood angels, and plays extremely agressive with the blood company, also using Astaroth the Grim or whatever that winged dudes name is.

    Counter-strategem includes first round cowardice if possible, using 2 orbital bombardments, then baiting with first CM and terminators, counter assaulting with Honour guard and holding key ground with the troops.

    I can add fast attack, only have 1 rhino for transport purposes, have more dreadnaughts and hella-more troops available.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!

    Quick! Wile 'es ded!

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    Grab this fella a Relic Blade. Power weapons are just a bit poor.

    I'm not sure you need 2 Chapter Masters. Try out another character like a Chaplin or something. Theyre pretty useful and can boost a squad no end.

    Honour Guard. These guys are expensive and honestly aren;t that great for the points. They are almost as many points as a Terminator and they get a worse gun, a worse CCW and a worse save. Also how are these guys getting around the board? On foot? Thats asking for trouble. Anytthing with an AP2 will have a field day with these boys.

    2 Scoring units at 2000pts is a bit low and you might find it hard to cope with Objective missions. I'd see about getting another scoring unit and maybe give the Tacticals a Transport so they can actually move about and grab some objectives.

    Dreads- M-Meltas are fine but their short range means they need to get up close. These guys are begging for Drop pods to get in the thich of it. Otherwise consider some other form of weapon.

    10 Terminators is a bit over kill. If they're shooty Terminators they really need Heavy weapons to be of any real use to you.

    At the moment you lack some mobile scoring units and a general short falling in Scoring units. Getting some Rhino's or maybe some infiltrating scouts will make objective games a little easier for you. You're also really really falling short when it comes to long ranged anti-tank. You will have no end of trouble against a Guard army who decides to bring 3 Leman Russ Demolishers against you.
    Other than that I think you've invested to many points in 'hard stuff' like Terminators and Honour guard and not actually thought about how to employ those units (ie how to get them to their destined target)

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