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    Help me expand a 1500 Raven Guard-style Blood Angels list

    Hello. I've had a Raven Guard army in the works for some time now, waiting for Codex: Blood Angels to be released. It is my intent to field a Codex-style army (leaving out BA-specific entries) as much as possible. I will also offer to ignore Red Thirst and treat any priests as regular Apothecaries, if my opponents agree. Summing it up: I am playing Codex: BA for just the non-rubbish Assault Squads, since I believe that fits a chapter like the Raven Guard.

    If you have issues with using Codex: BA for this purpose, please take it to another discussion.

    Raven Guard combat doctrine is strictly Codex, with a heavy emphasis on Scouts, Drop Pods and Assault Squads. Scouts infiltrate and mark positions for Tactical and Assault Squads to drop in and capture. Fast, accurate and decisive alpha-strikes are their speciality.

    I am looking at a 'core' of something like this:

    Jump Pack, Shield, Rage

    10 Assault Marines
    Meltagun, Meltagun, Power Fist

    10 Assault Marines
    Meltagun, Meltagun, Power Fist

    10 Scouts
    - 5 Snipers
    - 4 BP/CCW, 1 Combi-flamer, Melta Bomb


    This takes up half my points, leaving me with a further 750 to spend. I'm lacking long-range anti-transport and could use some more objective campers. More close range melta wouldn't go amiss and some specialised combat support would be nice. I'm considering the following to support:

    - Rifleman (2 x TLAC) Dreadnoughts, can support the Sniper Scouts
    - Furioso (What screams 'Raven Guard' more than a Lightning Clawed Dreadnought?) with Blood Talons in Drop Pod
    - 10 Sternguard (5 Combi-melta) in Drop Pod
    - Honour Guard with Jump Packs (how should I configure these? I was thinking pretty plain, maybe 1-2 LC's and a SS?), to fly with Librarian
    - Vanguard with Jump Packs (ditto)
    - 10 Tactical with Melta, Combi-melta, ML in Drop Pod
    - Another similarly equipped 10-man Scout Squad?

    I'm just not really sure what to add next to build this into a rounded, balanced and competitive army.
    Any ideas?

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    Hmmm Raven Guard are very Alpha Strike and coming from all quarters, beyond normal SM shock and awe tactics. I think a Drop Pod Dread would work brilliantly for all purposes. Gives you a heavy hitter amidst the lines, sowing confusion while your speedy bits move up. Also a capable tank hunter depending on equipment.

    I'm also seeing a big weakness in protecting your AS. You can DoA them but than you start with little on the table and run a big risk against gun armies and foes who know how to counter DS. If you plan on running them up, I'd fit in a Rhino Squad or two. You can do the standard pivot move pivot and have a longways barrier to block LoS, and a useful squad inside, strictly Codex. With BA Rhinos it works very well and fits that speedy attack feel.
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