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    1500 pt all infantry army list help

    Hi all. First time poster here. Im new to guard looking to make an all infantry list, leaning towards a cities of death army as that's what i usually play w/ my group. I'll consider a sentinal squad or two, but other than that no vehicles. here's what i have so far

    Command Squad (90pts)
    reg. standard
    2 melta
    1 flamer

    Stormtroopers (x6) (131)
    2 plasma
    recon spec.op.

    Ratlings (x6) (60)

    Platoon 1 (310)
    Command squad
    2 flamer
    Infantry squad (x2)
    ML + GL
    Heavy squad (x2)
    H. Bolters

    Platoon 2 (280)
    same as 1 but mortars rather than H. Bolters

    Vets (130 x2)
    3 meltas

    this comes to a total of 1071 w111 models. any help is greatly appreciated

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    Welcome to the Guard!

    These guys are a bit of an oddity. If they’re foot slogging you probably want them with a Heavy Weapon. This way that can sit back out of harms way and issue orders. Getting in Flamer range is “going to die next turn” range.

    Stormies are fine. Some Deep striking Melta guns would be handy to give you list a bit of reach. (for taking out whirlwinds etc.)
    Marbo is also really handy in a foot slogger list for the same reason. I.e. some things a foot slogger list just can’t see or get to to kill like Whirlwinds so having the ability to strike out at far reaching units is pretty much a necessity for Slogger armies.

    Ratlings are pretty useless to be honest. Sniper rifles just aren’t what they used to be so I wouldn’t bother with them. If you like them though go for them. They’re not all bad.

    Autocannons are just better than M-Launchers against most things and are cheaper too. So give them a whirl.
    As for your HWS I’d either stick with Autocannons or Mortars. Autocannons are the best all rounder and Mortars you can at least have a scoring unit that can hide and contribute.

    Vets: Again Melta guns on foot wont really get anywhere near a vehicle. Vets on foot I’d do 2 ways. Grab some long distance weaponry like Plasma guns/G-Launchers and a Heavy weapon and then grab either Camo cloaks (demolitions is handy sometimes too). OR, go for a unit led by Harker – This will give you a mobile scoring unit that’s hard to shift so you can actually go about and capture some objectives. For Harkers unit Demolitions, 3-G-Launchers is a good way to go, the squad can put out a lot of pain on the move and deal with anything. A heavy weapon is optional.

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