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    1,500 Pure GK Anti Daemon Force

    I've been asked to use my DH force against sommeones daemons this weekend so I've put together a short list to fight using the models I have in my DH army.

    GKGM w/ Auspex, Grimore of True names, Psycannon Bolts, Psychic Hood, Sacred Incence, Targeter, Unguents of Warding

    GKT x4 (Retinue) w/ incinerator

    Two Inquisitors w/ Bolt pistol, Force Weapon, Artificer Armour, Auspex, Consecrated Scrolls, Icon of Just, Psycannon Bolts, Targeter

    Callidus Assassin

    Two squads of 5 Grey Knights inc Inquisitor w/ Incinerator and Unguents of Warding

    Land Raider w/ Blessed, Extra Armour, Storm Bolter, Psycannon Bolts and Smoke Launchers

    Both the =][= and the GKGM will have the Sanctuary psychic power.

    I've not been able to accumulate a very large DH force, and the only DH model I don't have included in my force is a GK dreadnought. So I'm looking for advice on what war-gear to take rather than what models to use.

    Grey Knight WIP Thread <Clicky>

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    dont bother taking psycannon bolts on the inquisitors. the bolt pistol is a one shot thing, you're paying a huge amount of points for a chance to hit with only 1 shot...

    also, remove artificer armor and force weapon and just give them terminator armour. i think its cheaper in the long run.

    and try to put 2 mystics on both squads.

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