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    need help makeing up a list

    Hi new to 40k and i got some marines, and generaly wondering what kinda guys i need getting

    If you whanna know my play style it consist mostly of shooting things with high range wepons or geting right in the thick of it.

    my models i have right now are as follows
    2 captains, one the Blackreach one with a pistol and the other has 2 lightning claws
    2 tac squads, normal
    1 scout snipers
    1 half powered assult squad, planning to fill it in
    a normal terminator squad with a cyclone
    a dread, normal but will convert
    rinos for the tac
    a vindicator
    a command squad, has 2 melta 3 claws and champ

    so what im wondering is what do i need to get my hands on to make and effective army, these can be tanks, charicters, whole units idc i just need some guidence

    and if you whant to know why im doing this my list which i posted on other forums where slamed as to pritty much flop.

    If you ake a list include as many modles as i have as you can to still make a force. I whanna get out there

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    how many points did you want your army to be?

    You can add Telion to your sniper scouts. It will boost them considerably.

    sternguard veterans are probably the best shooting infantries we have as their special ammunition can provide a range of flexibility.

    Predators are my favorite choice in tanks due to their long range.

    Land speeders are fast and mobile.

    Bikes are really shooty since they are relentless and have twin link boltguns. With toughness 5, their survival is better then regular infantry. just dont let them get assaulted.

    Hq wise, for a shooty army, the master of the forge is kind of fun. Bolster defense along with your scout's camo cloaks grants them a 2+ cover save in a terrain

    Lysander is good as well as he also have the bolster defense rule. He also makes the unit that he is with their boltguns twin link. so combine him with a sternguard unit with their special ammunitions and you have something scary there.

    Pedro kantor makes your sternguard into troop choice.

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