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    Blood Angles 1000

    Ok so i have never really played a real game of warhammer. i bought the assault on black reach to get used to gameplay, so i don't really know what works and what doesn't. i will mainly be facing my brother who's army will be Imperial Guard. i think as our points in our games increases he will be running a vendetta spam. no idea for 1000 point army. how do i stop his endless amounts of tanks? Comments Welcome.

    HQ- Librarian Jump pack might of hero's blood lance

    Elites- Furioso Dreadnought-Drop Pod
    Sanguinary Priest jump pack

    Troops- Assault squad*10- meltagun*2-Powerfist
    Assault squad*5-meltagun-powerfist
    Scout squad *5

    Fast attack - Land speeder- multimelta

    Heavy support- Dreadnought-lascannon

    So the plan is to have the librarian go with an assault squad same with the sanguinary priest. Furioso dreadnought deepstrike hopfully take out some tanks. Land speeder same thing. Assault squads objective contest. Normal dreadnought guard the scouts and take out some tanks.

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    sounds good to me, not sure about the furioso deepstriking, a single melta shot will kill him in the first turn, and melta is what guard use a lot of, i'm liking the assault squads, maybe swap one of the librarians powers for unleash rage, its very useful re-rolling to hits. MAybe Deepstrike the standard dread with a multi-melta as a suicide unit and keep the furioso back or swap it out for something else. Otherwise the list is fine - just needs a few tweaks

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