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    A starting 500 pt list.

    Good evening.

    Starting up a IG list, and wanted to start at 500pts. From here, I'll build up my force.

    HQ) CCS - commander has a power fist, 4 veterans with meltaguns, squad rides a chimera with a heavy flamer in the hull = 160pts

    T) PCS has 1 autocannon team = 40pts

    a. Infantry squad = has a guardsman with a grenade launcher, and 1 autocannon team = 65pts

    b. *same as squad A* = 65pts

    T) PCs *same as above* = 40pts

    a. *same as above* = 65pts

    b. *same as above* = 65pts

    Grand total of 500/500pts

    What do you think? Suggestions/opinions/etc are welcomed.

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    Hello there, ok, i have a couple of suggestions for ya =D.

    1)The first thing I notice is that you only have a single vehicle, so any anti armour your opponent has will all go into that single vehicle. What you could do is drop a Platoon and in its place get a Vet squad with a chimera and x3 melta guns. And you don't need that Power Fist, for guard it's not very useful. This way goes more mechish. If you go this route you could take off a couple Grenade launchers and add a sentinal w/Auto cannon and outflank it or whatever you'd like to do with it. Or add a commissar with a power weapon to ensure that the remaining platoon's morale doesn't break. And lastly you could get the demolitions doctrine for your vets.

    2) If you'd like you could instead get rid of the single chimera all together, along with the melta guns, perhaps, and upgrade a couple of your Auto cannons to Lascannons or Missile Launchers for the heavier armour you may encounter. You would then have to get camocloaks for your ccs and maybe an auto cannon. However, this would hinder your mobility and make it harder to grab objectives.

    So that's just what I think =D It's still a pretty good interesting list though. There just seems to be a lack of being able to get ahold oaf objectives. By the way, I like the first of my two suggestions my self. And I think the three options to go with it are all very viable.(either getting a sentinal w/ AC, Commissar w/ pw, or vets getting demolitions). So hope that helps you out a bit.
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